De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 26, 1923

District Court To Convene On November 5th

Following are the grand jurors and petit jurors drawn for the next term of district court, which opens the first Monday in November.

Grand Jury

H.L. OSBORNE, Gustine; H.L. STEWART, Comanche; Will HAWKINS, Gustine; Bob ALLEN, Gustine; Will HUDDLESTON, Duster; H.H. DURHAM, Comanche; T.H. JACKSON, Sipe Springs; R.L. LANE, Comanche 5; W.J. HOLLEMAN, De Leon 5; H.B. HOLDREDGE, De Leon; J.M. STRICKLAND, De Leon; Will MILLER, Proctor; J.F. WILLIAMS, Energy; John BUHTON, Comanche 5; E.V. HILL, Sidney; Jack OTWELL, De Leon.

Second Week

T.B. SEAGO, Gustine; Dave PINSON, Proctor; J.B. MOODY, Comanche 6; W.L. WINKLES, De Leon 2; W.E. KENNEDY, Gustine; C.W. ISHAM, Gustine 1; T.C. MEHAFFEY, Comanche 1; M. VINEYARD, Comanche; W.C. STURDEVANT, Comanche 5; W.O. ODELL, Gustine; T.J. WILLIAMS, Comanche; C.C. CRAIG, Hasse; W.H. ROWLAND, Comanche; Matt HAYES, Comanche 1; S. McDONALD, Comanche; D.L. MORRIS, Sipe Springs; E.J. DRISCOLL, Comanche 3; J.T. LANE, Comanche 6; A. GRIMSHAW, De Leon; G. MASTERS, Comanche 5; J.W. ALLGOOD, Rucker; J.B. JOHNSON, De Leon 1; T.R. HOLMSLEY, Comanche; Luke SPRINGSTEAD, Comanche; I. SADLER, Gustine; C.R. MIDDLETON, Gustine 1; W.R. KELLEY, Proctor; R.L. McKIMMEY, Gustine 1; George GLEATON, Comanche 6; J.D. SWEARINGEN, Comanche 1; G.H. GILDER, De Leon 3; A.P. FLEMMING, De Leon 4; W.H. WOOLEY, Gustine.

Third Week

J.A. LANE, Comanche 6; C.L. HUDDLESTON, De Leon; W.A. WOZENCRAFT, Hasse; E.H. HAYES, Gustine 2; R.M. DANIELS, Gustine 1; D.F. COKER, Hasse; J.W. ROBINSON, Gustine; R.T. JAYNES, Sidney; H. KILPATRICK, Comanche; O.C. SMITH, Gustine; W.G. KIMBLE, De Leon 4; Bob HAYNES, De Leon; D.C. BAILEY, Comanche; J.E. WILSON, De Leon; J.C. HUSE, Comanche; Whit SIDES, De Leon; C.S. CARUTH, De Leon; J.A. GAGE, Comanche; W.W. COX, Comanche; F.L. ELKINS, Comanche; P.D. DINGUS, Comanche; H.H. STRUBE, De Leon 5; J.I. MAYS, Comanche; C.H. VAUGHN, De Leon; D.M. SLAUGHTER, De Leon 5; J.M. NELSON, Gustine; S.H. FOREHAND, Comanche; M.L. SHERILL, Comanche; C.S. HOWARD, Comanche; G.H. MOORE, Duster 1; D.V. COKER, Comanche 1; J.T. YOUNG, De Leon; E.D. COX, Comanche 1; W.R. SADBERRY, De Leon; J.P. YATES, Proctor; J.H. PARKER, Comanche.

Fourth Week

J.T. EDMONDSON, De Leon; Arthur WARREN, De Leon; W.T. HAGGARD, De Leon 5; W.G. BAKER,Rucker; J.W. HAYNES, De Leon; W.S. VANWINKLE, Gustine; D.M. BEATTY, De Leon 1; Tom SCOTT, Comanche 4; Ed LIGHTFOOT, De Leon; J.W. PARKER, De Leon 4; R.T. CUNNINGHAM, Gustine 1; B.N. TERRY, De Leon 1; E.J. BRATTON, De Leon 2; J.M. RIORDAN, Comanche; J.E. RIPLEY, Comanche 2; J.S. NANCE, De Leon 5; W.N. DURHAM, Comanche; W.E. LOUDERMILK, Comanche 4; A.A. SMART, Gustine; C.L. McKIMIE, Comanche 1; E.D. FISHER, Gustine; J.L. FUNDERBURG, De Leon; P.K. MACKEY, Comanche; W.J. BOYD, De Leon 1; D.C. DUNLAP, Gustine 1; J.B. FIELDER, Sidney 2; L.T. MORRIS, De Leon; C.G. SADLER, De Leon; M.E. WOODWARD, Comanche; D.D. McCARROLL, De Leon; H.R.J. GILLE, Comanche; W.G. GARNER, Comanche; J.W. HARKINS, Comanche 8; Elmer THOMAS, Comanche 6; G.E. GRAY, Duster; Tom PATTON, Gustine.

J. P. Hope Was Seriously Ill At His Home In Waco

Miss Claudia HOPE has just returned from Waco where she was called to the bedside of her father, who was critically ill of leakage of the heart. The Free Press is glad to report him improving.

Desdemona Man Buys Confectionery From Mr. Young

C. HUFFMAN, formerly proprieter of Walton Bakery, later in the bakery business at Desdemona, recently purchased the confectionery stand on the Lambert hotel lot from Mr. YOUNG, the place formerly operated by Lavelle BLACK. Mr. HUFFMAN is now in charge of the place and solicits your patronage. He will doubtless do a thriving business through the fall and winter.

In addition to the regular confectionery lines, Mr. HUFFMAN will operate a light lunch counter, serving chili, pie, coffee, etc., enlarging the interior, putting in lunch stools, etc.

County Court Jurors For Fourth Week, Oct. 29th

Following is a list of the jurors selected to serve for the fourth week for the County Court of Comanche county:

Charlie GUYGER, Proctor; H.R. JONES, Comanche; Lon McDANIEL, Gap; Fred HENDERSON, De Leon; L.F. SLIDER, Comanche; J.R. STEPHENS, Comanche; Bob ALLEN, Comanche; O.C. HAED, Duster; Marvin FOSTER, Sipe Springs; J.C. BRINSON, Comanche 4; W.D. WEIGHER, Duster; Ed BLACK, De Leon 2.

Mrs. Minta Greer

The summons from the Messenger Death came and brought eternal relief from pain and suffering to one of God’s noble women at 9:00 o’clock, p.m., Monday, October 22nd, when Grandma Minta GREER yielded up this earthly life and her heaven-born spirit passed back into the presence of the God who gave it. It was as though the Reaper had found grain ripe unto the harvest, had thrust in the sickle, and bourne the ripened sheaf into the presence of the God of the universal harvest!..............

Grandma GREER was little known for her real qualities of character in De Leon. She lived here during her declining years, the past seven years being a total invalid, being confined to her bed for the past two or three years of paralysis. But at Meridian, Bosque County, where she spent forty years of her intensely active life, her friends are numbered by hundreds. Here her family, consisting of two sons and three daughters, were reared; the sick knew her ministering hand; orphans stretched out their hands to her and found shelter and a motherly ministration; the community knew in her a fearless foe of evil and practical advocate of every movement for development of the community in which she lived. Her life was truly spent in the service of mankind.

Born in the "City of the Alamo" and only six years after that historic shrine was bathed in martyr’s blood, she spent her childhood amid stirring scenes. Texas was a republic on April 4, 1842, the date of her birth, and remained so until 1846. Grandma faintly remembered the time when Texas assumed statehood and became a part of the United States. Her father was engaged in merchandising then in San Antonio. When a girl, her father removed with his family to Goliad, and later to Hallettsville. When she was aged thirteen they moved to that portion of Bosque county where Meridian was founded, about 1856, Waco and Meridian being founded as county sites in adjoining counties about the same date. She was married when sixteen years of age and lived at Fort Graham, in Hill county, on the Brazos, where her five children were born, later moving to the town of Meridian to school them………

The morning following her death, relatives and friends took her remains to the home of her daughter, Mrs. H.B. WHITE at Meridian, where during the day the old friends and neighbors came to pay their respects. Late in the afternoon her body was laid to rest beside her husband, in the little hill-top cemetery overlooking the beautiful city of Meridian, Rev. Stanley CARRUTH conducting the brief ceremony.

The children of Mrs. Minta GREER, all living, are: Mrs. H.B. WHITE, Meridian; Mrs. J.H. REED, Spur; Mrs. S.G. PARKS, De Leon; T.L. GREER, Sand Point, Idaho, and W.P. GREER, Globe, Arizona. The three daughters were present at the funeral.


The marriage of Miss Arrie LLOYD, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.P. LLOYD, to Mr. W.T. STEPHENS of Killeen, occurred at Brownwood on last Friday afternoon. Mr. STEPHENS came up from Killeen some days ago, very few of their friends knowing of the approaching wedding, however, until the announcement came that they had motored to Brownwood, procured license and sought out the parson who in this case happened to be the pastor of a Brownwood Baptist church, and had the ceremony said.

Mr. and Mrs. STEPHENS then returned here and remained until Saturday afternoon with her parents, leaving for their home at Killeen.

Both Miss LLOYD and Mr. STEPHENS are well known De Leon people, she having been reared here, and he was employed in the city for the past several years. Both have scores of friends here who extend heartiest congratulations and best wishes.


Harry HOWELL was here from Cisco Sunday.

Misses Juanita WAGNER and Leo TYSON spent the week end at their homes in Cross Plains this week.

Miss Gertie JONES was carried to Gorman Monday to Blackwell sanitarium for an operation.

Wesley SHOOK and C.L. KINCHEN and son motored to Dallas the past Sunday to see the fair.

Mrs. R.P. MAYHUGH and children were expected early in the week from Baton Rouge, La., to visit her mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.

All hunters and pecan gatherers are warned to stay off my farms. – K.M. VAN ZANDT

Mrs. George VAUGHN and baby daughter went to Waco early in the week for an extended visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete SHAVER.

Mr. H.E. WHITTLE has resigned his place with the Holden Motor company and has accepted a similar position in Breckenridge.

Autrey SELF from Brownwood and Miss Urselle SELF from Clifton, were spending the week end at the home of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

J.V. WHITE has just returned from Austin where two of his sons have been quite ill.

C.O. GASKINS of Joliet, Ill., uncle of W.R. CLARK of Route 5, was here the past week on a visit with his nephew. This was Mr. GASKINS’ first visit to Texas. He left to visit at Marlin and Galveston before returning north.

Rock Bluff

Miss Euzelia GRAY was bitten by a spider Sunday and is in a serious condition. We hope she will be better soon.

Miss Myrtle GREGORY spent Saturday night with Miss Mae FARLEY.

Roy BOENS and wife accompanied by Miss Marie MORROW, called at the home of Jeff TATE Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Annie MORROW and little daughter, Ruby, spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. Boliver GRAY and family.

Matt ROSS has purchased him a new Ford roadster. Mr. ROSS says the boys cn’t get ahead of him.

Miss Rema EZELL spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. Zella SMITH.

Wallpaper Torn Off By Lightning

Tahoka, Tex., Oct 22 – In an electric storm last Thursday afternoon, lightning ran through the telephone wire into the home of Hall ROBINSON in North Tahoka, and tore all the paper off the wall about the telephone. No other damage was done.


©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.