De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 5, 1923

Walton Bakery Has Added Filling Sta. To His Business

E.B. WALTON, enterprising proprietor of De Leon’s bakery, has recently added a new business to his activities, that of a modern drive-in filling station. Mr. WALTON’s property is advantageously located for just such a business, being on a prominent corner on the highway leading into the city from Dublin, Fort Worth, Dallas and Waco, a sort of "first chance" coming and "last chance" going out of the city to the east.

With the greatly increased volume of motor traffic together with his favorable location, Mr. WALTON cannot but thrive in his new business venture.

High School Pupils Talk of Annual and Elect Staff Members

The High school people are talking busily about the Annual they expect to publish next Spring. No Annual was published last year, and the omission has made the school pupils all the more anxious to produce a good book this year. In view of the fact that the Senior Class this year numbers almost half a hundred, and every member is strong for the publication, the thing ought to be easily put over.

The Annual staff, as the Free Press understands it, has not as yet been fully completed. Clifford ALLEN, son of Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN, will head the staff as editor-in-chief, with Gayle TOLAND as business manager. Both TOLAND and ALLEN are Seniors this year and each a good selection for the places they will fill. Other staff members will be announced later.

Stork Visits Home of De Leon Girl at Akron, Ohio

The Free Press has not before mentioned the arrival of an 8-pound baby boy in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.J. STOCKTON, Akron, Ohio. Mrs. STOCKTON was formerly Miss Willie Vie HAM of this city. Mrs. HAM, her mother, has been in Akron the past two months and expects to return in a few weeks. The STOCKTON address is 248 Merriman Road, Akron, Ohio.

Mrs. J.H. Prince, Sr. Makes Unique Gift to North Ward

A donation of unusual novelty was made to the North Ward school by Mrs. J.H. PRINCE, Sr. A mounted deer head with a fine set of horns was given………..

Bill Butler Had Finger Amputated at Waco Sanitarium

W.B. BUTLER was in Waco this week and had an operation for the removal of one of his fingers, the third on the right hand. Mr. BUTLER had a mishap a month ago in which he seriously crushed the member between an iron pipe and a refrigerator car door, which he was attempting to prize open. He made two previous trips to Waco for examination, but the member failed to heal, necessitating amputation. He is recovering nicely.

California Man is Visitor Here

J. Elvin THOMSON, for many years De Leon’s exclusive jeweler and watchmaker, now making his home at San Diego, Calif., is here this week on business. Mr. THOMSON owns a nice residence on South Main street, and a couple of business buildings, besides perhaps other property here.

Henry THOMSON and family, who have also been making California their home for a year or so past, were also visiting here this week, guests of their parents, Edd. and Mrs. E.C. THOMSON.

Grizzelle & Trent Moving Into New Filling Station

The new and modern drive-in filling station, on the corner lot opposite the post office, has been finally completed, and the occupants, GRIZZELLE & TRENT, have completed moving their stock and fixtures over and are now open for business at the new stand……..

Murdered Ballard Boy Born Here – Mt. Pleasant Youth Who Was Murdered Last Week Grandson of Mrs. S.F. Ballard of De Leon Route 1

The daily press has carried numerous reports in glaring headlines of the foul murder of Otis BALLARD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom BALLARD, which occurred at Mt. Pleasant on Monday night of last week. The badly decomposed body of young BALLARD was found on Friday afternoon in a creek near Mt. Pleasant, weighted down with railroad irons.

A letter from Mrs. S.F. BALLARD to her son, Adrain, told of the horror of the tragedy. Mrs. BALLARD, grandmother of the murdered boy, arrived in Mt. Pleasant Friday night, a few hours after the body was found. The body had been prepared for burial by an undertaking establishment, and buried in a sealed steel casket, Mrs. BALLARD said. The burial took place at Mt. Pleasant cemetery last Saturday.

Otis BALLARD was 22 years of age. He was born on what was known as the "Banner Farm" a mile southeast of De Leon. His father, Tom BALLARD, lived here for many years. His mother’s maiden name was HAMMET, she having also been reared in De Leon. Sympathy is extended them in their great sorrow.


A wedding that really was a surprise was that of Herman LESTER of this city to Miss Alma HART, the announcement of their marriage having been made this week, although Mr. LESTER and Miss HART were married on August 15th. They kept the marriage a secret, even from their immediate families until somehow the secret got out through correspondence with relatives, who didn’t keep the secret as well as the young bride and groom.

Mr. LESTER and Miss HART were married at Brownwood. The bride was reared at Comanche, but has taught as principal of the Bangs High school for some years past, a position she will continue to hold during the present school year. She went to Bangs early in the week to take up her school work.

Miss HART is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John HART of Comanche, and was reared in that city. The father was a member of the firm of BURKS, FIRMIN & HART, who had large business interests in De Leon during the boom days. Mr. LESTER needs no commendation from the Free Press, being among the city’s younger set of progressive business men. The Free Press wishes them the greatest success.

42 Club

Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON was the charming hostess to the members of the 42 Club Thursday, September 27. There was quite a large party present, requiring seven tables for progressive 42. A number of enjoyable games were played, after which ice cream and cake were served.

The club will meet next with Mrs. Elmer GENTRY.

Shakespeare Club

The Shakespeare Club met Wednesday afternoon, October 3rd, from three to five, with Mrs. W.W. GREGORY as hostess. The following program was rendered:

Subject – The Novel in the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries.

Roll Call – Answered by quotations from Southern poets.

Leader – Mrs. E.E. GENTRY.

Topics for discussion:

The Poverty of the Seventeenth Century in Prose Fiction. – Mrs. R.L. SCOTT.

The Chief Novelists of the Eighteenth Century – Mrs. W.H. WILLIAMS.

Essay: The Gothic Romance – Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

The club meets next with Mrs. H.H. WILLIAMS on October 8th.

Round Grove

Everybody is real busy picking cotton and gathering corn. The cotton has all been picked over and some are picking a second time.

R.H. GILDER is suffering quite a bit from something like a spider bite on his foot.

Bert PATTERSON of Cisco is visiting homefolks this week.

Oscar ARMSTRONG went to Selden last Sunday in response to a message stating that his aunt, Mrs. Jasper ARMSTRONG had died.

Mr. and Mrs. Gib TREADAWAY and Will BLAIR visited Reggie TREADAWAY and family at Comyn last Sunday.

The infant of Mr. and Mrs. West NICHOLS of Dublin is to be buried in the cemetery at this place this evening.

Rock Bluff Items

Look girls! Charlie WINKLES, Hazzard FARLEY, Melvin EZELL and William CADENHEAD each have purchased themselves a "shining" new roadster.

"Shine" HILL of Big Valley visited Hazzard FARLEY Sunday.

Melvin EZZELL, accompanied by his sister, Rema, and Miss Mae SKAGGS, motored to Desdemona Sunday.

Essie PEARL and Mae HARRIS spent the week end with Miss Bessie NOWLIN.

Albert KEITH and family of Alexander were Sunday guests at the home of Lon WINKLES.

Miss Bessie McPHAIL of Duster was visiting in this community Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Murray JONES and little son were recent guests of her sister, Mrs. J.T. EDMONDSON. Mr. JONES came to De Leon with Mr. SHARP in the good year 1902, and demonstrated washing machines in an old shack on the corner where the Dependable Store now stands. He marveled at the wonderful development of De Leon in the period of twenty years.

Mrs. R.J. HAMRICK has arrived in the city from Gorman to make her home. She and her son, Robert, who is employed with Higginbotham Bros. & Co., will reside near the high school building in one of the J.T. ROSS houses on Main street. The Free Press welcomes them to our city.

Mrs. J.E. WEATHERFORD is having a residence erected on her farm, just south of the Mrs. Fred HOLLAND homestead, and just east of the McCHAREN property, and will move to same in the very near future. The place will be less than five minutes from town by motor, the distance being a bit over two miles, and the location directly on the highway. After all, a modern farm home is mighty hard to beat.

Mrs. J.H. MORGAN and baby returned to their home at Cleburne on Thursday after a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. KNOWLES on Route 3.

Grover C. HORNSBY left several days ago for Stephenville where he has accepted a position with the R.E. Cox Dry Goods Co., as salesman.

De Leon Couple Lose Effects in Apartment Fire

Chief of Police NABORS received a message from his daughter, Mrs. W.I. HOLLINGSWORTH, at Bryan, Texas, telling of a fire which destroyed the apartment in which they were living. Mr. and Mrs. HOLLINGSWORTH were at the time of the fire away from home, visiting relatives in Leon county, and had luggage with them in which they carried considerable clothing, but the remainder of their effects were lost.

Mrs. HOLLINGSWORTH, who was a member of the graduating class of De Leon high school two years ago, in her letter lamented the loss of her graduating gifts and other personal valuables.


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