De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 7, 1923


The Free Press has been informed of the marriage of Mrs. J.B. CRANE to Mr. Romer BROWNLEE, at 2 o’clock last Saturday afternoon, but thus far we have not been able to get further particulars of the wedding.

These are two well known and popular people of the De Leon community, and their many friends wish for them great success and happiness with which this paper heartily joins.

Dinner Party

Saturday evening at 7:30 Miss Thelma COLLIE was hostess to a few friends at a dinner party, given at Hotel Bilis. Decorations of cut flowers lent their beauty throughout the five course repast. The guests were Mesdames A.J. SMITH, B. SHAVER, Miss Letha SMITH, and Messrs. B. SHAVER, Andrew CHESTER of Desdemona and HENSLEY of Breckenridge.

Home Grocery is New Business Firm in Ayers Block

Workmen have been employed the past few days building shelving and putting the interior of the corner building in Ayers Block in readiness for a new stock of groceries, the "Home Grocery," to be owned and operated by A.B. LLOYD and Bryan LIVINGSTON.

Mr. LLOYD comes from Higginbotham Bros. & Co., where he has been manager of the grocery department for several years. He came originally from Comanche where he had many years business experience. During the period of his business connection in De Leon, Mr. LLOYD has made many friends who will doubtless be glad to give him at least a good share of their patronage.

Young LIVINGSTON comes from Desdemona. His home originally was Stephenville. He has had several years practical experience in merchandising, and will be able to prove the meaning of satisfactory service to those who may become his customers.

The Free Press welcomes The Home Grocery in "our block" as a neighbor, and bespeaks for them success in their new business venture.

De Leon Business Firms Will Not Patronize Motor Line

Almost Every Business Firm in City Opposed to Motor Bus Service

De Leon business firms as a whole will not patronize a freight and express service conducted by motor bus from Dallas, Ft. Worth or any other point. The matter has been brought to their attention, first by the advance agents of certain motor bus companies, who solicited their hauling from Dallas and Fort Worth, and second by local representatives of the American Railway Express and M.K. & T. railroad lines.

The following concerns have agreed not to patronize the motor lines: W.E. HOWELL, GREENWALDT & MORTON, The Dependable Store, AVANT’s Variety Store, DABNEY Hardware, Liberty Theatre, WILSON & BOGART, TOMLIN Drug Co., TERRILL Grocery, HIGGINBOTHAM Bros. & Co., Western Union, C.L. KINCHEN, Sanitary Barber Shop, Counts Bros., C.F. CATHEY, Goodyear Shoe Shop, HUDDLESTON Studio, BOSWELL Tin Shop, A.H. HAZELWOOD, REID Auto Supply Co., YOUNG’s Confectionery, J.W. HOWARD, E.E. AKERS, Terry’s Café, City Meat Market, City Barber Shop, J.T. EDMONDSON, De Leon Meat Market, STEAKLEY & SMITH, LESTER Confectionery, D.P. LLOYD, City Grocery, Modern Shoe Shop, Sid’s Café, W.W. NANCE and De Leon Free Press and De Leon Peanut Co.

The Why’s and Wherefores

In the first place De Leon was built by the M.K. & T. Ry. Before the railroad came the town was a village of a few stores. Remove the line or withdraw support from it, and De Leon would again become a village.

In the second place, somewhere near twenty or twenty-five per cent of the population of De Leon is made up of railroad people, kept here by the presence of a division point and repair shops. Every dollars worth of freight or express hauled in by any other means than over this line robs the road of just that much business and directly robs these same workers of a portion of what they normally should earn.

In the third place, the motor line brings nothing to the towns in which they operate. They are not county tax payers. They contribute nothing to the upkeep of the highways which their heavy vehicles rapidly destroy, except an annual tonnage tax, paid the state, a small portion of which may or may not benefit the various counties in which they operate. Further, the drivers are said to carry lunch pails and cots, sleeping by the roadside and spending nothing in the various towns, whereas the railroad and express company maintain payrolls in each department, their employees being valued citizens, home makers and assets to the communities in which they live.

De Leon business element responded readily to the call for an unbroken front favoring the regularly constituted means of transportation. The spirit shown speaks volumes favoring community pride and loyalty to the home town and the institutions that have built it to its high state of development.

Rural Carriers of Two Counties Here Labor Day. The Eastland and Comanche County Carriers Meet Here Thirty Strong

………The carriers in attendance at the meeting together with their wives and visiting postmasters, are as follows:

J.M. MOORE and wife, of Gorman; I.T. DICKSON, Proctor; J.P. PATTIE, Sidney; T.D. BROWN, Gap; J.F. McCULLOUGH, Sidney; R.D. COLLINS, Comanche; A.N. NEWELL, Ranger; W.L. UNDERWOOD, Gorman; G.S. CLARK, Comanche; D.C. SINGLETON, Ranger; Postmaster C.L. WHITE, Gap; C.B. OSTEEN, Ranger; John BROWN and wife, Ranger; B.R. McPHAIL, Duster; W.S. GLOVER, J.W. JONES, De Leon; Geo. MOHON, De Leon; W.M. COLEY, De Leon; B.C. CHAMBERS, De Leon; T.A. BARNES and wife, Comanche; Postmaster Claude MINTON and wife, Pioneer; S.T. STOVER, Desdemona; W.E. PERRY and wife, Pioneer; Postmaster C.R. REDDEN, De Leon; Postmaster M.J. SULLIVAN, Comanche.

Local and Personal

Miss Lottie PAYNE spent Sunday with home folks at Comanche.

Mrs. L.D. WASHINGTON, mother of Mrs. L.D. PARKS, is here for an extended visit with her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard BASSETT are the proud parents of a baby girl, which weighed 10 ½ pounds and arrived at their home on Monday, September 3. Her name is Mary Emma. Mother and little one doing nicely.

Mesdames W.L. GREER and W.W. NANCE and children have returned from a ten-days outing at Glenrose.

Miss Claudia HOPE, principal last year of De Leon South Ward, has returned to resume her duties for another year.

Mrs. J.E. FITZPATRICK and children, lately of this city, now making their home in Fort Worth, are here this week.

Miss Lois SHORT returned the last of the week from Austin, where she attended summer school at the University.

Miss Virginia LOWE, who has been attending summer school at State, is spending a few days with her father and other relatives here.

Miss Bertha ROSS is expected home this week from S.M.U. at Dallas. She will leave in a few days for Stamford to teach mathematics in the high school.

Misses Eva LONG and Martha WETZELL, Comanche young ladies, were in our city last week arranging for places to live during the coming school year. Each taught here last year.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, accompanied by their son, Ralph, and daughter, Mrs. Henry Moore EVANS, went to Dallas the last of the week for a visit with their son and brother, B.J. Jr., who is working in the city.

Mrs. E.H. EDWARDS, who owns a nice residence near the High school building, has returned from a several months sojourn at Desdemona, and will make her home here again. Mrs. EDWARDS will take a few roomers and boarders during the fall and winter months.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe TULLOS left several days ago for Groesbeck in response to a message telling of the critical illness of his father. Mr. TULLOS returned Monday morning and resumed his work as wire chief with the telephone company, Mrs. TULLOS remaining for a time. The elder TULLOS is still in a serious condition and may not survive long.

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. CUSTER, living in West De Leon, are the proud parents of an 8 pound baby boy, born on September 1st. His name is "Robet Jackson, Jr." after his father, and strange to say, the father is said to feel proud of the fact. Mr. CUSTER is a popular Katy employee.

Z.E. White Gets Broken Leg in Auto Mishap

While returning to his home in Matador from Gorman, where his daughter, Mrs. A.B. McCHAREN, was buried last Sunday a week ago, Z.E. WHITE, former De Leon man and brother of J.V. WHITE, suffered a broken leg when a wheel ran off the big Studebaker car in which he and his son-in-law were riding, the car going into the ditch. The place the accident occurred was near Wichita Falls.

Emmett Rippetoe is Hurt in Explosion of Steam Canner

While Emmet and Earnest RIPPETOE were engaged in canning peas with a steam canner at their home in the Round Grove community last Monday afternoon, a can exploded in the boiler while Emmet was removing them, the scalding contents striking him centerly over the eyes, inflicting painful injuries. His eyes were treated by a physician who is of the opinion that the sight will not be lost but it will be some time before he will be fully recovered.

The peas, most of which were green, were being sealed in tin cans and cooked under pressure of steam. What could have caused this particular can to explode is a mystery, unless it may have been caused by some dry peas being placed therein. The force of the explosion bursted nine other cans that were also inside the boiler.

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