De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 10, 1923




J.B. NANCE and Mrs. M.E. DAVIS


Carl LOWRY and Lizzie BLACK

John T. CAPELL and Vera G. CAPELL


E.W. GREGG and Jewell BLACK




Claude KEMP and Lillie Mae STEPHENSON


D.F. RUSH and Millie SLIGER

Vital Statistics

Born to Mr. and Mrs. R.S. CARR, De Leon, a girl

George VAUGHN, De Leon, girl

H.J. HUDDLESTON, De Leon, girl

H.E. JOHNSON, De Leon, girl

M.L. WARREN, De Leon, girl

D.W. CONNER, Comanche, girl

B.W. PAYNE, Comanche, girl

G.W. KERLEY, Comanche, girl

J.E. BURDELL, Comanche, girl

J.W. GRAHAM, Comanche, girl

J.R. JONES, Comanche, girl

R.L. TURNBOW, Comanche, boy

C.B. CARER, Comanche, girl

E.A. SMITH, Comanche, boy

Henry SWINDLE, Sidney, girl.

Eargle PARKER, Sidney, boy

Ed NOWLIN, Sidney, boy

Lyn CHAPPLE, Sidney, boy

Tom SOMMERS, Sidney, boy

G.L. BAGWELL, De Leon, girl

J.M. MACON, De Leon, girl

W.S. WESTMORELAND, De Leon, girl

D.B. BROWN, De Leon, boy

Paul OMARS, De Leon, boy

?. H. GOODEN, De Leon, girl

K.M. VANANDT, De Leon, girl

Rainey LOVE, Sipe Springs, boy

O.G. COTTRELL, Comanche, girl

J.M. McCULLOUGH, Comanche, gir

Charles KERBY, Comanche, girl

Elmer GORE, Comanche, girl

Thos. BACKMAN, Comanche, girl

Bert B. FIELDS, Comanche, boy

E.C. WETZEL, Comanche, girl

Frank WHITLOCK, Sipe Springs, boy

Lee AMONETT, Gustine, boy


Buster HOLLAND, De Leon

Weed PIERCE, Hasse

Thomas A. JAMES, Comanche

Miss Anna Grace CAMPBEL, Comanche

W.H. REECE, Sidney

Mrs. T.B. COX, Sidney



Mrs. W.W. MATHIS visited her brother at Cleburne last week.

Miss Lucille APPLEBY spent several days with Finis COOK.

C. BRIGGS of East Texas visited W.L. HAZZARD the first of the week.

J.D. HOLMES started a singing school at this place Monday morning with about 25 pupils.

Fund Raised to Assist in Paying Dendy Hos. Fees - De Leon Citizens Liberally Subscribe $217.50 to Help "In Hour of Need."

Bill DENDY, who was cut across the abdomen in a difficulty with Naubry GENTRY one night last week, is so far recovered that he is now felt to be out of danger. Complications could arise to cause serious results, but such is not anticipated.

A subscription list was circulated here this week by S.A. DUKE and T.S. HOLDEN for the purpose of raising funds for the unfortunate lad. Liberal citizens subscribed a cash fund of $217.50 which will pay his hospital expenses and provide for him nicely through his convalescence. The money is in a local bank subject to the check of W.A. NUNNELLEY, who was named trustee of said fund.

F.E. Carter New Manager Holden Motor Company

Friends of F.E. CARTER will be glad to welcome him to the business circles of our city once more. Mr. CARTER and family only recently returned from Fort Worth and he has accepted a position as manager of the Holden Motor Company. He invites his friends to call on him there, likewise permit the company he represents to supply their motor needs.


SPENCER and GREGORY families left the last of the week for an extended visit throughout the west.

Mrs. W.N. PORCHE and baby were guests of relatives at Eastland the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY and daughter spent the past week guests of her mother and sister at the old DABNEY homestead near Desdemona.

Will and Harry HOWELL were spending Sunday with homefolks and visiting with their sister, Mrs. Willis CLARK, who is here from Denton.

Mrs. Joe LOMAX and little daughter from Meridian were guests of her aunt, Mrs. S.G. PARKS, last week while enroute to Spur to visit with her parents.

W.C. STREETY returned early in the week from a business trip to Fort Stockton, being absent from the city several days.

D'OTIS and O'RENE, children of Mr. and Mrs. D. TOMLIN, returned Sunday from a visit with their grandparents at Weatherford.

K.M. VAN ZANDT and two sons, A.E. LATSON and C.H. McCURDY left on a trip through the Panhandle early this week.

Rev. and Mrs. F.R. ANDERSON and a party of friends from Eastland left Monday for an overland trip to California.

Mrs. H.B. WHITE, sister of Mrs. S.G. PARKS, returned to her home at Meridian Sunday after spending two or three months at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. S.D. GREER. Grandma GREER continues very low but her remarkable vitality bids fair to prolong life for many weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. B. GILDER have removed from Waco to De Leon, and will hereafter make their home here. Mr. GILDER moved from Racker to the Brazos city a year or so ago. He was recently seriously ill at his home there but is now recovering.

Miss Alma B. EMERSON, sister of Mrs. E.W. OWEN, arrived from Dallas on Friday of last week and is spending some days guest of her sister. 

Miss Mollie THRASHER, sister of Elmey THRASHER, is here from Snyder, Okla.for a visit with numerous relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin McCAIN, making their home at Iredell, were unfortunate last week in the loss of their residence by fire. At the time the fire occurred they were on a visit to relatives at Rotan and passed through here the day following the fire enroute home to inspect the ruins and calculate their loss. They did not own the building but lost heavily on household effects.

Rook Club

Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN was hostess to the Rook Club last Thursday morning at nine o'clock. The house was beautifully decorated in cut flowers. Mrs. A.J. SMITH won high score. After a morning of Rook, the hostess served a dainty luncheon to the members and following guests: Mesdames SCHMIDT, WEAVER, Hiram SMITH, WHALEY, BELCHER, SNEED, STEAKLEY and JETTSON.

The Progressive Housewives Club

A most delightful afternoon was spent Thursday when Mrs. D.A. HENDERSON was hostess. After several contests and a business meeting, ice cold watermelon was served. Mrs. Jeff SMITH was honor guest. The club will meet two weeks hence with Mrs. A. HAZZARD.

2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.