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About The War Between The States




Comanche Public Library is pleased to share its collection of historical materials with  its patrons in Comanche and surrounding areas. Its primary goal is to provide educational and research sources along with materials for the casual reader.

The library's Special Collections will interest those researching ancestors who may have served in the War Between the States. Because of known emigration patterns and the background of many local residents. the Special Collections accent the Southern States although a variety of diverse historical viewpoints are available.

Also of use to the researcher are extensive genealogical and historical items about Texas and the Southern States. There is a Southern States oriented collection of U.S. Census records on microfilm for 1850, 1860, 1870, and afterward as well as other genealogical aids.

At the library, we are more than grateful to a number of friends who have provided the funds to acquire many of our best and most useful materials.

Regular budget money does not stretch to include Special Collections.

Most of the very useful materials are in the library's reference collections and are for use in the building only. Copy facilities are available.   


11th Texas Cavalry, CSA


Civil War sites in Georgia by Jim Miles. Nashville, Tennessee, Rutledge Hill Press, 1966. This handy travel guide, though not lavishly illustrated, is crowded with maps and sites the traveler would enjoy. The descriptions are excellent and interesting.



Compendium of the Confederate Armies, Stewart Sifakis, compiler. Facts on File, 1995. Volumes in this set include Alabama, Florida and Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and the Indian Units, South Carolina and Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

These books list the individual units, their major officers, and the battles in which each unit participated.



Confederate P.O.W.'s, Soldiers & Sailors Who Died in Federal Prisons & Military Hospitals in the North Compiled in the Office of the Commissioner for Marking Graves of Confederate Dead, War Department, 1912. Nacogdoches, Texas, Erickson Books, 1984.  


Confederate Veteran magazine.  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.   National Historical Society, 1990-1992.  Volumes 1 – 12 only.  This compilation of reprinted issues covers 1893-1904.  Illustrated.  No index.


Generals in Gray; Lives of the Confederate Commanders by Ezra J. Warner, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Louisiana State University Press, 1959. Portraits and historical sketches of 425 individuals.



Index to Applications for Texas Confederate Pensions, compiled by John M. Kinney, Austin, Texas, Texas State Library, 1975. This contains two lists: the accepted and the rejected applications. Many of these documents are very informative and include useful personal information. The library is collecting copies of these documents involving Comanche County residents. Much remains to be done if you wish to contribute to this project.



Individual Pardon Applications to President Andrew Johnson, 1865-1867 and Individual Pardon Applications to Congress 1868-1898, Carolyn M. Rowe, comp., Pensacola, Florida, Bodree Printing Inc., 1966. 

Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray was compiled by Miss Mamie Yeary of McGregor, Texas in 1912, and was republished Dayton, Ohio, by Momingside House, 1986. It is an outstanding collection of personal reminiscences by Texas Confederate veterans.

Texas and Texans in the Civil War by Ralph A. Wooster. Austin, Texas.

Eakin Press, 1995. Dr. Wooster, a distinguished professor at Lamar State University at Beaumont, has concentrated on studies of the Civil War years over a long active career. This volume is a fine choice for the general reader.  

Texas Burial Sites of Civil War Notables, a Biographical and Pictorial Field Guide by James A. Mundie, Jr., Dean E. Letzring, Bruce S. Allardice, and John H. Luckey, with a foreword by Jerry D. Thompson.   Hillsboro, Texas.   Hill College Press,  2002.  This first ever published illustrated field guide to the burial places of  Texas’s Civil War leaders is a must see.  A capsule biographical sketch with its sources is accompanied by a gravestone photo for each individual.  Various indexing based on personal names, cemeteries, bibliographic sources, and geographical lists is provided.

Texas Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, edited by Janet B. Hewett. Wilmington, N.C., Broadfoot Publishing Co., 1997. In this set, one volume is a name roster and there is another that lists the soldiers by unit. Other volumes in this series available at the library are:


Alabama Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 in 3 volumes.

Georgia Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 in 4 volumes, 

Mississippi Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, in 3 volumes

North Carolina Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 in 3 volumes.

South Carolina Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, in 2 volumes.

Virginia Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865, in 4 volumes.

Texas in the War, 1861-1865 by Marcus J Wright, Brig. Gen., CSA, edited by Harold B. Simpson Col. U.S.A.F., (Ret). This biographical and historical reference was one of the earliest publications of the Hill County Junior College Press in 1965.  

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The Third National Flag of the Confederacy.  On March 4th,1865, briefly before the end of the War, a third pattern was adapted.  It was essentially the same as the Second National, with a broad bar of red placed on the fly end of the white field.(source:Sons of Confederate Veterans)

Bailey, Anne J. . Texans in the Confederate Cavalry.


Frazier,  Don. Cottonclads! The Battle of Galveston and the Defense of the Texas Coast.


Hallock, .Judith Lee  General James Longstreet in the West.


Kinard,  Jeff.  The Battle of the Crater.


Lowe, Richard. The Texas Overland Expedition of 1863.


Mays,  Thomas D. The Saltville Massacre. 


McWhinney,  Grady.  Battle in the Wilderness. Grant meets Lee.


Shea, William L. War in the West. Pea Ridge and Prairie Grove.


Smith, Gene A. Iron and Heavy Guns. . . .the Monitor and Merrimac


Sutherland, Daniel E.  The Emergence of Total War.


Tucker, Spencer C. Ralph Semmes and the Alabama.


Waugh, John C. Sam Bell Maxey and the Confederate Indians.


Woodworth, Steven E. . A Deep Steady Thunder. the Battle of Chickamauga. 


We are appreciative of the 2nd Texas Frontier District Unit, Sons of the Confederate Veterans, for their gift of the McWhinney Foundation Publications listed just above.  

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