The Comanche Chief and Pioneer Exponent, Comanche, Texas, 21 August 1914

(Note: All issues between 4 July 1913 and 21 Aug 1914 are missing from microfilm roll.)

Marriage Licenses Issued

Frank LAPPE and Miss Lillie STUART

R.D. DAVIS and Miss Della POWERS

Visits of the Stork

Born to Mr. and Mrs.:’W.C. WEATHERSBY, Democrat, boy

J.E. HARTMAN, near Comanche, girl

J.T. BIGGS, near Comanche, boy

O.D. McCLOTHLIN, near Comanche, girl;

L.C. SHUTTER, near Comanche, boy;

Ross McMILLAN, near Comanche, boy

A.L. COTTRELL, near Comanche, boy

W.L. CLEERE, near Comanche, girl;

Jeson HARRIS, near Comanche, boy

W.W. ADAMS, Newburg, boy

M.J. COLDEN, near Comanche, girl;

W.P. WILLIFORD, Hasse, boy;

R.A. CUNNINGHAM, Newburg, girl

Joe W. TRINBEL, Gustine, girl

R.N. MATTHEWS, Gustine, boy

Real Estate Transfers

W.L. HAMILTON etux to W.R. DOOLEY, 20 acres of the O.P. TALLEY; $450.00.

J.W. BROWN et ux to. ROBERSON, 80 acres of the Robert LESLEY, $1150.00

Ernest DENNY et ux to W.R. SLIDER, 163 ½ acres, $5300.00.

R.L. KOONCE to J.N. UNDERWOOD, 75 acres section 85, H. & T. C.R.R. Co., $2612.50.

J.T. MOODY et ux to C.J. McCOLLUM, 89 6/10 acres of the John MARSHALL, $3600.00.

J.M. HICKS et ux to J.R. EANES, 46 2/10 acres out of John H. PORSYTHE survey, $2300.00

J.R. EANES to J.M. HICKS, 200.4 acres out of the W.E. HATTON and Wm. KIGLER survey, $3800.00

C.W. MEADOWS to Allie HARRIS, 161.7 acres out of section 45, consideration valuable.

A.W. WILKES et al to C.W. MEADOWS, 65 acres of survey No. 385

Cunningham Family In Annual Reunion

Meet at Home of Dave Cunningham, Sr., South of Town Last Saturday and Sunday

The CUNNINGHAM family met in annual reunion at the home of Dave CUNNINGHAM Sr., south of Comanche, last Saturday and Sunday, August 15th and 16th.

It is the oldest and largest family in this section, numbering something over three hundred, M. –attie HOLMSLEY being the oldest member of the family and little Miss Mary Francis CUNNINGHAM, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. CUNNINGHAM, possibly the youngest.

The family meet in reunion every year, and despite the inclement weather this time, a large crowd was present.

All the delicacies of the season were served, including barbecue, a beef and goat having been barbecued for the occasion, and everything nearly that could be thought of in the way of meats, vegetables, fruit, and pastry, that would appeal to the "inner man" was served to those who had gathered together in gladsome reunion to meet and mingle one with the other.

How appropriate indeed that these, scions of the oldest and one of the most honored, and honorable families in this section, should meet in this manner annually, and perpetuate not only family ties, but ties of friendship and love, one for the other.

It is a beautiful custom, and one we are glad to state, observed by many of the old families in this section.

The CUNNINGHAM family descended from Capt. James and Aunt Susie CUNNINGHAM, pioneers who settled south of Comanche in the early 50’s, and helped to wrest this country from the savage red men. They were of the old southern school, and were noted far and wide for their hospitality, and many were the times when their hearts and homes were thrown open to their friends, who gathered in to partake of their well-known and generous hospitality.

Their off-spring has maintained these characteristics, and are of the best and most honored citizens in this section.

Barn Burned

The barn of N.E. PALMER burned at an early hour Friday morning. Mr. PALMER had but recently moved to the place, having purchased same from Jim CUNNINGHAM. We did not learn the particulars of the fire, or the amount of Mr. PALMER’s loss.

Fire at Hasse

Joe HARDIN was in town from Hasse Wednesday and from him we learned of a fire at Hasse, Sunday night, which destroyed the home of Dr. S.P. SMITH. Mr. HARDIN did not know the particulars of the fire, but said he understood Dr. SMITH carried $650 insurance.

DeLeon News

From the Free Press

H.W. LOCK this week closed a deal whereby he becomes owner of the Hotel Pittman property. He traded A.M. PATE his home and acreage on the north side of the hotel property. Terms of the sale are private. Mr. LOCK has been conducting the hotel for some time and now that he has bought the property he will be in a better position to improve the house.

J. Speed CARROLL, who returned some days ago from El Paso and tendered his resignation as superintendent of DeLeon school because of continued bad health, left Tuesday night for Temple where he will spend a few days at the sanitarium before going on to Galveston to spend a few months. He was accompanied by Mrs. CARROLL. Their son, Bailey, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. TAYLOR to Levita, Coryell county, where he will spend a few weeks at the home of his grandparents. Mrs. CARROLL shipped her household goods to Levita where her parents live.

Otis HOOD, son of S.A. HOOD, who lives three miles southeast of town, while playing with a toy airship Sunday morning was quite seriously injured when a piece of tin flew off the toy and struck him across the nose and right eye, inflicting serious wounds. The eyeball was pierced, the gash ranging directly across the pupil. Although the wound was an ugly one, the iris of the eye protruding from the wound, it is believed that the eye will be saved and that the lad will still retain partial sight in it.

During the electrical storm on Monday afternoon of this week, two horses belonging to T.J. MACON and his son, Ben MACON, were killed by lightning. The horses were standing under a tree in a lane some distance from the house when lightning struck the tree. The lightning came down the tree to a place even with the horses’ backs and then jumped to the animals. The horses were valued at $250.00

J.A. ESTES, who lives a half mile south of town, is interested in oil indications found on his place. Recently he noticed that oil appeared on the water in his well, and this caused him to make inquiry with the result that he finds oil croppings all over the hillside. Of course, it cannot be said with any degree of certainty that there is oil in paying quantity beneath the ESTES farm, but if surface indications count for anything one would have ample encouragement to continue investigation. Mr. ESTES expects to get the opinion of some oil experts and would like very much to interest oil men in putting down a test well……

Oak Valley News

Charlie WARREN and family of Jones county visited Mr. WARREN’s sister, Mrs. J.T. HONELL, the latter part of last week.

Miss Bertha THOMPSON is visiting her sister, Mrs. Charlie ACERS, at Robersonville this week.

Oscar ROBERTSON, little son of W.A. ROBERTSON, is very sick at this writing.

Mrs. T. JACOBS and granddaughter, Ina WILHOLLAND, of Comanche, visited friends in this community last Tuesday.

Mr. JENKINS of Tennessee is visiting his cousin, Mrs. J.T. HOWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. HOWELL have a family dinner Sunday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Tom WARREN of Sweetwater, Mr. and Mrs. Shack HOWELL of Comanche, Charlie WARREN and family of Jones county, Mrs. Emma GABBERT of Comanche, and Mr. JENKINS of Tennessee.

Copperas Prairie and Gap News

Dalton PARSONS and his family, and his father-in-law, J.A. LANE, left Wednesday for Abilene and Fluvanna on a visit with relatives there.

Stacy ARNOLD shot and killed Frank ALGOOD and his nephew, Virgil ALGOOD, near May last Friday. We fail to learn the cause of the trouble.

Pleasant Valley News

Mr. and Mrs. CROSSONS of near Blanket spent Saturday and Sunday with Mrs. CROSSON’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. HUCKABY.

Mrs. Otto GARRISON has been suffering from a severe attack of rheumatism.

Local News Notes

Miss Ruth HAMILTON left Thursday night for Gallup, New Mex., where she will work as saleslady in a large dry goods store.

Mrs. M.W. CARROLL and daughters, Mildred, and Mrs. Elmer BROWN and little daughter Kathrine have returned from an extended visit with relatives in San Antonio and other points.

Jim CANTWELL, of Mingus, who lived here some thirty years ago, died Wednesday at his home in Mingus. Mr. CANTWELL was a brother-in-law of Mrs. SULLIVAN.

Mrs. M.E. JACKSON, formerly of this city, but now of Bonham, came in Thursday morning to be at the bedside of her son, J.R. JACKSON, in the Hebron community, who is seriously ill.

Capt. J.V. CUNNINGHAM, Penitentiary Transfer Agent, was here Saturday to attend the CUNNINGHAM family reunion. He is one of the sons of Capt. James and Aunt Susie CUNNINGHAM who came to Comanche county in 1855, and helped to wrest this country from the savage red man.

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