The Comanche Chief and Pioneer Exponent, Comanche, Texas, 9 May 1913

Marriage Licenses

The following marriage licenses have been issued to:

Mr. Earl ACKER and Miss Ivey MILNER.

Mr. J.D. MORROW and Miss Bessie JOHNSON.


A pretty home wedding was solemnized on April the thirtieth, when Mrs. Sallie A. MOORE gave in marriage her daughter, Percy, to Walter Jack CUNNINGHAM.  

This union culminating a romance of early childhood, more closely cements the bond of affection between two prominent families whose friendship dates from the pioneer days of Comanche. The bride, beautiful in person and character, is an accomplished daughter of the late Col. T.O. MOORE. The groom, cashier of the F. and M. bank, a young man of irreproachable character and sterling worth, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. CUNNINGHAM. The handsome home, in the simplicity of its decorations of pink and white roses, artistically arranged to blend in shaded harmony, was an ideal setting for the beautiful wedding. Welcomed at the entrance by Mr. Geo. SIMMONS, the guests were greeted in the library by Mesdames R.H. and C.M. MOORE. In this room, bright and cherry with roses of the deeper shades, were displayed the wedding gifts, the magnificent collection attesting to the popularity of the young people.

Having registered under the direction of Miss NEELY, the guests, led by Miss Ellen MOORE through the hall, lovely with pink roses peeping from festoons of green, were received by Miss ROGERS and shown into the parlor, where were great clusters of white roses and carnations, resting mid banks of ferns and palms.

Promptly at 9:30, Mrs. T. MOORE began the prenuptial song, "O, Perfect Love," accompanied by Mrs. D.C. CLARK, who played also the wedding march.

Preceded by Masters Markie MOORE and Claudie MEADOWS as heralds, Miss CUNNINGHAM, sister of the groom, slowly descended the stairway, accompanied by Mr. H. SLIDER and followed by Mrs. C.W. MEADOWS, matron of honor. As the bride and her sister, Miss Clara MOORE, reached the foot of the rose twined rail, they were met by the groom with his best man, Mr. Carl ROGERS. A picture of rare beauty was formed by the bridal party as they stood in the arched doorway, while the words of the ring ceremony were pronounced by Rev. Gaines B. HALL of Graham. Gowned in white charmeuse with trimmings of real lace and seed pearls, her veil wreathed with orange blossoms, the bride appeared never so charming as when she stood modestly leaning on the arm of her chosen mate, wearing his gift, a handsome diamond lavaliere, and carrying a shower bouquet of roses and lilies of the valley, tied with dewdrop tulle.

The maid of honor was clad in a dainty dress of lace over pink messaline.


Mrs. MEADOWS wore a lace trimmed robe of pink charmeuse, entraine, Miss CUNNINGHAM’s pink brocade with drapery of lace. Matron and maids carried arm bouquets of pink carnations. The groom and groomsmen in conventional black completed the picture.

After tossing her bouquet and receiving congratulations, the bride superintended the cutting of the wedding cake, that waited in the flower-decked dining room to reveal the future. Miss Inez REESE cut the ring, Miss CUNNINGHAM, the thimble and Miss CLARK, the dime. Following this merriment, the young ladies of the wedding party served delicious ….punch, and at the close of the happy evening Mr. and Mrs. CUNNINGHAM, proceeded to their pretty new bungalow, which had been made ready for their home-coming.


Out of town guests were: Mrs. Tom MOORE, Dallas; Mr. Carl ROGERS, Fort Worth; Messrs, Jas. SARTWELLE and T.J. CUNNINGHAM, Stephenville; Mrs. J.M. JORDAN, Dublin; Mr. and Mrs. Hoxie LADD, Hasse; Messrs and Mesdames R.E. ADAMS and Leon SHIELDS, Santa Anna.

Public Schools to Close May 28th. Twenty-two in Senior Class—J.D. Sandefer to Deliver Class Address

On May 28th the public schools of the city of Comanche will close a most successful year. While there have been many things that school management would have materially improved, yet taken it all in all this has been a very satisfactory year in our schools.

In the present graduating class there are twenty-two members, ten of whom are boys and twelve girls, as follows: Philip GRAHAM, Armstrong COX, Evan PALMER, Merlin JENKINS, Ernest HERRING, T.J. HOLMSLEY, Rector CUNNINGHAM, Goodson RIEGER, McKinley SULLIVAN, Waldo CARSON, Grace FITZPATRICK, Alma REESE, Leah ALLEN, Mamie KING, Elizabeth CHILTON, Grace EVANS, Ethel JONES, Mabel McNEILL, Annie PALMER, Helen RASMUSSEN, Madie HALL and Hallie OWEN.

On May 23, at 8:30 p.m. the class play will be given at the High School auditorium.

The Commencement sermon will be preached at the High School auditorium on Sunday; May 25, at 11 a.m., by Rev. C.L. CARTWRIGHT of the Methodist church. On Wednesday evening May 28, 8:30 p.m. the commencement address will be delivered by Dr. J.D. SANDEFER, president of Simmons College. Following the address, the diplomas will be awarded. Let us keep the dates in mind!

Card of Thanks

We wish to extend our thanks to the many friends who ministered to us in our recent bereavement and to assure them that in this, the darkest hour of our lives, we do not fail to appreciate their loving sympathy and the many manifestations of their friendship. Mrs. J.E. DEELY and son

Sudden Death Last Sunday Morning. J.E. Deely Answered Last Summons at his Home in This City.

Friends and acquaintances were pained and surprised upon arising last Sunday morning to learn of the death of J.E. DEELY, aged 49, who up to Saturday night was apparently well, altho’ suffering considerable pain as a result of having had some teeth extracted.

Mr. DEELY, it will be remembered suffered severe injuries in an explosion, which occurred in his place of business last fall, and his friends claim had not been strong since, although apparently well of his injuries.

Deceased retired Saturday night and while suffering considerably as a result of having the teeth mentioned extracted, seemed to be in his usual health. Later in the night his wife awoke, only to find him rigid and cold in the embrace of death, the summons coming apparently while he was asleep, and there are many of his friends, who claim he had never recovered from the injuries sustained in the explosion last fall and that his death was at least an indirect, if not a direct, result of same.

Deceased came to Comanche something like four years ago from Fort Worth and since that time had built up a large circle of staunch friends. He was engaged in the tailoring business in this city since coming here, and if he had an enemy, we never knew of it. Big hearted and charitable he always sympathized with the man or woman, who was down, and his purse was always open to the needy.

Deceased was reared in Clinton, Ohio, near the home of William McKinley, and was wont to tell of his great love for the martyred President and his wife. He came of an affluent family, who met with financial reverses, and late in life came to Texas, where misfortune seemingly pursued him with a relentless hand, but it was never his lot to complain, and he battled bravely on to the last, in the face of obstacles which would have deterred others much stronger.

Deceased was laid to rest last Sabbath afternoon, in beautiful Oakwood cemetery, where his remains were followed by a large crowd, the funeral procession being one of the largest ever seen in Comanche, and where the mound which covered his remains was literally covered with flowers, thus attesting his popularity and the esteem in which he was held.

Rev. George W. SHAEFOR, PASTOR OF THE Baptist church, conducted the services and V.H. THODBERG, Hilton BURKS, E.W. HARRIS, W.L. REEVES, J.E. LONG, Joe. CADENHEAD acted as pall bearers.

The Chief-Exponent joins the many friends of deceased in tendering deepest sympathy to the wife and child, who are left to mourn the untimely demise of husband and father.

District Court; Third Week

The third week of the district court ws opened Monday morning with all the officers of the court present. The first case called was the State of Texas vs. Willie BISHOP, charged with seduction. This is a case that has been tried twice heretofore, but on account of some errors made in the trial of the case, a new trial has been granted. The defendant was represented by Judge STUBBLEFIELD, of Eastland, and Gib CALLAWAY, of Comanche, while the state was represented by District Attorney J.R. McCLELLAND and Judge J.H. McMILLAN. The jury was empanneled and the evidence was all taken and arguments made by 10 o’clock Monday night, when the case was turned over to the jury. The jury was out about twelve hours and reported guilty, and fixed his punishment at two years in the penitentiary.

Tuesday morning the case of the State vs. Dick HARDIN, charged with forgery, was taken up , jury empanelled, evidence taken and arguments made by 12 o’clock Tuesday and case turned over to the jury, who after about three hours deliberations, reported not guilty as charged in the indictment.

Tuesday afternoon the case of the State of Texas vs. Barney MANN was taken up, jury empanelled, evidence taken and arguments concluded by 7 o’clock and case turned over to the jury, who reported after 1 day deliberations reported guilty, and assessed his punishment at three years in the penitentiary, but on account of the boy being only sixteen years of age, the jury recommended the suspended sentence during good behavior.

Tuesday morning the district attorney dismissed the following cases, towit: State vs. Dewey DODSON, charged with burglary.

State vs. L.C. SHETTER, charged with perjury.

State vs. Henry HARRISON, charged with aiding seduction.

Wednesday morning the case of the State of Texas vs. Avery DILLARD, charged with burglary and theft was called and the jury empanelled, evidence taken and arguments concluded by 3 o’clock and case turned over to the jury who after several hours deliberation reported him guilty as charged.

Wednesday afternoon the case of the State of Texas vs. CRUMPTON was called, the jury empanelled, evidence taken and arguments concluded and case turned over to the jury.

Child Buried Alive

Tuesday of last week, W.S. WITT, who lives near Desdemonia, was just completing a storm house and had it partly covered over when his little five or six year old boy went down into it. The dirt caved in and the little fellow was caught beneath the mass of logs which were used for covering, and the dirt, which had been thrown on them. When he was extricated, life was extinct. One of the logs had crushed his neck. It is stated the little fellow’s cries and struggles could be heard before the rescuers reached him, but they were too late. –Dublin Telephone

Program at the Christian Church

Program for Mother’s Day, Sunday May the 11th:

Vocal Duet—Miss Mae HALL and R.F. HOLLOWAY

Recitation – "For Mother’s Day" – Alice ORY

Vocal Solo – "My Mother’s Hands" – Mrs. Elmer BROWN

A Brief History of Mother’s Day – Miss Mae HALL

Recitation – "Mother Knows." – Floy WETZEL

Short Sermon – "Mother" by Rev. W.H. WILLIAMS

Postoffice Examinations

In the examination for a night clerk for the post office at this place, which was held some few weeks ago, there were thirteen applicants. The standing of the highest applicants has just been received as follows: George L. SULLIVAN, Arnold STEUBING, Murt SULLIVAN, Robert E. MITCHELL, Luther MARSHALL and Henry GORE. Arnold STEUBING will therefore be entitled to the appointment, as George L. SULLIVAN is at present the postmaster, and should Mr. STEUBING not accept the place, Murt SULLIVAN would come next and so down for the first three highest applicants.

Proctor News

Rev. CHILDRESS filled his regular appointment here Sunday morning and the League rendered a nice program Sunday night.

Ellison CRIDER, of Dublin, visited his sister, Miss CARNER, here Sunday.

Miss Nora LASSITER was in Comanche Sunday and Monday.

Miss Annie Laura GRAY is here visiting her uncle, R.W. GRAY.

Professor W.I. WILKINS made a business trip to Edna Saturday.

Miss Ottie STONE, of Rochelle, is here visiting.

Earl HARBOUR, of Oklahoma, was here last week visiting his uncle, G.W. HARBOUR.

Miss Ida FALLS is here visiting Mrs. A.L. REID.

Grandpa and Grandma EVANS, of Comanche, are here visiting their son, R.R. EVANS.

W.A. HUGHES is in Comanche this week attending court.

Dr. T.N. DYSON, of near Dallas, was here this week visiting his cousin, Dr. WRIGHT.

Miss Lillie KIGHT is visiting her uncle, Lee KIGHT, of Dublin, this week.

Ray HAIL and Jay WOODS were in Comanche Saturday on business.

Local Gossip

Mr. and Mrs. Tom HOLMSLEY are in Hamilton this week.

J.E. CHILTON was at home again for a few days this week.

R.A. SLACK, of Fort Worth, visited his family here this week.

Dave JOHNSON, of Proctor, had business in Comanche Monday.

Ben NEAL, of DeLeon, is here this week attending district court.

Miss Grace FITZPATRICK visited relatives at Coleman last Sunday.

H.L. STEWART of Hasse, was up Wednesday afternoon on business.

J.E. MAYES and family visited relatives at Gustine last Sunday.

G.M. SCOTT, of Lamkin, had business in Comanche this week.

W.O. DINGLER, of Gustine, had business in Comanche last Friday.

Dr. P.G. HAYS, of Bibb, had business in Comanche Wednesday.

J.W. WEBB went to Santa Anna Wednesday afternoon on business.

J.B. BLACKSTOCK, of DeLeon, had business in Comanche, Wednesday.

C.L. WHITE, of Gap, was a business visitor in Comanche Monday.

Rev. C.C. SEITERN, of Proctor, had business in Comanche last Monday.

Harris CHARNQUIST, visited his brother at Coleman last Saturday and Sunday.

J.B. SMITH, of near DeLeon, was down this week attending district court.

Miss Isla JAY, of Sipe Springs, is here to visit her uncle, John T. JAY and family.

R.W.H. HAMILTON attended the State Jewelers’ association at Dallas this week.

Will STURKIE, of Hasse, is here this week serving on the jury in the district court.

J.A. MOORMAN, of Sipe Springs, had business in Comanche Wednesday afternoon.

J.E. DURHAM, of Wilson, was here this week, serving, as a member of the jury.

J.C. HARDIN and W.B. BALDION, of Hasse, had business in Comanche last Monday.

Mrs. Etta HICKEY, of Rule, Texas, is here to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.E. HALL.

Mrs. L.J. KITTLES attends a meeting of the state tomato club at College Station this week.

Willie DINGWALL, of New Mexico, is here to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. DINGLWALL.

Miss Nora LASSITER, of Proctor, spent Sunday with homefolks here, returning Monday morning.

Ewell ALLEN, Rufe ADCOCK and Tom BUTLER, of Gustine, had business in Comanche last Monday.

John T. JAY spent several days at Sipe Springs this week looking after his "oil field" up there.

Mrs. G.W. McCLELLAN and children are visiting relatives at Gustine and Indian Gap this week.

Jim STEPHENS and Editor TIMMONS, of the DeLeon Free Press, had business in Comanche Monday.

Miss Daisy PINSON, who has been visiting friends here, returned to her home at Proctor Tuesday.

J.W. ROBINSON, W.O. DINGLER and P.A. PETTITT, of Gustine, had business in Comanche Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. John T. JAY and little daughter, Pattie, have returned from a visit with relatives at Granbury.

Mrs.J.C. SHERMAN and baby came in Thursday from Cisco for a visit to her father, W.F. ELKINS and family.

M.A. BOONE, who is working with a railroad surveying crew near Hearne, Texas, is at home to visit his family.

I.O. BOYD, of Abilene, is visiting his brother, E.D. BOYD, near Sidney this week, and incidently looking at the country.

Mrs. H.A. THOMAS, district manager of the Woodmen Circle, was here this week on business connected with the local grove at this place.

Misses Inez and Alma and Frank REESE have returned from Dublin, where they attended a house party given by Mr. and Mrs. B. M. UTTERBACK.

J.B. LACY, W.B. PAYNE and Doctor BELL, of Sidney, were in Comanche Monday. They report a very heavy rain there last Saturday night.

Mrs. S.G. HICKS has returned from Brownwood, where she has been for several days working in the interest of the Pythian Sisters lodge at that place.

Prof. Otto GARRISON, of Gap, was down Friday and Saturday to take the teachers’ examination, and to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. GARRISON.

Mrs. R.L. CREED and two children left Sunday for their home in Sipe Springs after a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.P. WETZEL.

Mrs. Nute JACKSON and little daughter, Florence, left Sunday for Dallas, where they go to join their husband and father and make their future home.

Luther STAGNER, of Sidney, was in Comanche Monday and while here ordered the Chief-Exponent sent to his uncle, Henry STAGNER, at Jackson’s Gap, Alabama.

Miss Kinis ROBERSON left Wednesday for Dallas, where she will undergo an operation in the Baptist sanitarium. She was accompanied by Rev. Geo. W. SHAEFOR.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick CUNNINGHAM returned Thursday from Weatherford, where they spent several months with their daughters, Mrs. MARTIN and Miss Elzora CUNNINGHAM.

Uncle Clayt CARNES returned Tuesday morning from Brownwood, where he spent several days with friends. He also did some fishing in the bayou while there. He reports a splendid rain in that section.

Theny School Trustees

The trustee election held in the Theny Independent school district last Saturday resulted in the election of the following: S.H. BAKER, J.S. BARNES, P.E. ROBERTS, and C.S. DRY. The holdovers are G.E. FAGAN, C.S. SWANNER and N.H. EVANS.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.