The Comanche Chief and Pioneer Exponent, Comanche, Texas, 6 June 1913


Born to Mr. and Mrs.:

H.A. HICKS, on May 18th, a girl; Newburg.

L.W. HENRY, on June 1st, a girl; near Newburg

H.F. MORRIS, on June 1, a boy, near Carleton

John H. HOPPER, on May 31st, near Gorman [sex of child omitted]

John TATUM, on June 2, a boy, near Gustine

T.H. WALKER, on June 1, a girl, near Comanche


Died on:

May 12, near Gorman, Freeman BELYEW, aged 41 years


Licenses have been issued to:

R.L. IRWIN and Miss Lena PINNELL

Tobe STEVENT and Miss Dora HENRY



Will Cunningham Married

Will CUNNINGHAM, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. R.T. CUNNINGHAM, was married Sunday to a Miss PORTER, of Newberg, Rev. LEWIS officiating. Mr. CUNNINGHAM has been making his home in Dallas for some time where he is engaged in the automobile business. While we are not acquainted with the bride, we are assured she is in every way worthy of the young man, whose heart and hand she has won. The Chief-Exponent joins the friends of the young couple in extending congratulations.

Comanche-Hamilton Normal Convenes. Opens Monday, June the 2nd, for a Six Weeks’ Term at the High School Building.

The Comanche-Hamilton summer normal opened promptly last Monday morning at 9:30 o’clock and will continue for a period of six weeks, at the close of which an examination for state teachers’ certificates will be given. The formal opening was held in the auditorium of the High School building, Superintendent R.F. HOLLOWAY acting as master of ceremonies.

On account of sickness in his family, Supt. Geo. J. MAON, of Hamilton, who is a member of the faculty, was not permitted to be present, and until he arrives, the place will be filled by Prof. D.F. EATON, of Comanche. The following members of the faculty were present, towit: Supt. R.F. HOLLOWAY, conductor; Prof. J.B. LAYNE, Comanche; Prof. T.A. TUNNELL, Hico; Prof. D.H. RANEY, Hamilton, and Mrs. W.O. REYNOLDS, Comanche.

Up to the time we go to press, there had been enrolled 70 students, namely:


W.H. CARPENTER, Comanche

J.O. DePRIEST, Comanche

Jas. B. COOPER, Comanche

George GOOSBY, Comanche

Roy GARRISON, Comanche

Bert CLIFT, Comanche

Ernest HERRING, Comanche

F.L. ROLLINS, Gustine

George MATTHEWS, Gustine

J. Frank JETER, DeLeon

Otto DANIELS, Proctor

Robert LEE, Sipe Springs

Travis WHITE, Hamilton

Robert SANDERS, Fredonia


Mrs. Bessie RIORDEN, Comanche

Miss Winnie McPHERSON, Comanche

Miss Velma FISHER, Comanche

Miss Myrtle PAINE, Comanche

Miss Ruby GRANGER, Comanche

Miss Lola MAYES, Comanche

Miss Dessie ROCK, Comanche

Miss Florence STURKIE, Comanche

Miss Eunice DUNN, Comanche

Miss Minnie CLIFT, Comanche

Miss Ethel HARRIS, Comanche

Miss Lespin RATLIFF, Comanche

Miss Cleo HERRING, Comanche

Miss May HARRIS, Comanche

Miss Alma McNUTT, Comanche

Miss Rowena LANE, Comanche

Miss Mabel LANE, Comanche

Miss Bettie CAMERON, Comanche

Miss Alice HAYES, Comanche

Miss Tennie MITCHELL, Comanche

Miss Hattie BRIGHTMAN, Comanche

Miss Zena WEST, Comanche

Miss Melba DUDLEY, Comanche

Miss Annie Belle WILCOXSON, Comanche

Miss Mattie ISAM, Comanche

Miss Pearl LUSK, Comanche

Miss Lela THOMPSON, Comanche

Miss Willie LEWIS, Comanche

Miss Inez SULLIVAN, Comanche

Miss Mamie KING, Comanche

Miss Fay CHILDERS, Comanche

Miss Willie SMITH, Comanche

Miss Mary KEMP, Comanche

Miss Verna McGLOTHLIN, Comanche

Miss Noliah BOONE, Comanche

Miss Ethel STOAKLEY, Proctor

Miss Lona TRUETT, Proctor

Miss Katherine McCRARY, Proctor

Miss Annie HORNSBY, Proctor

Miss Effie GALLOWAY, Proctor

Miss Bettie PARKER, Dublin

Miss Allie GILBREATH, Dublin

Miss Lelia GILBREATH, Dublin

Miss Alice DENMAN, Dublin

Mrs. Gertrude JONES, Dublin

Mrs. Charles L. GAULT, Placid.

Miss Vila ROBERTSON, Sidney

Miss Winnie FERGUSON, Sidney

Miss Mattie LAND, Duster

Miss Daisy BILLINGSLEA, Gustine

Miss Willie CARLETON, Hico

Miss Jennie GALLOWAY, Hico

Miss Bessie KING, Hamilton

Miss Julia CHRISTIANSON, Hamilton

Comanche County Has Large Families

The average size of a Texas family is 4.9 compared with 5.4 ten years ago. The average family in Comanche contains 5.1 persons and we have 5272 families residing in this county according to a census report which has just been issued. Comanche is one of the 117 Texas counties whose families are larger than the State’s average and if all the families in the state were as large as those of our county, Texas’ population would be nearer the five million mark.

District Court Session Adjourns

…Cases disposed of are as follows:

R.O. EDWARD vs. Fannie EDWARD, suit for divorce; divorce granted.

C.F. WILLIAMS vs. Comanche Mercantile Co., suit to establish lien, judgment for plaintiff. Appeal taken.

R.B. NEWMAN vs. M.D. JONES; suit for damages, case dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

R.T. HAILE vs. F.M. WAGNER, suit on notes; judgment for plaintiff.

HIGGINBOTHAM Brothers & Co. vs. J.H. GUTHRIE, suit on notes; case dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

Mrs. Lillie CHAPMAN vs. A.B. HAWORTH, suit on notes; case dismissed and settled.

C.W. LUSK vs. L. McHANN, suit on notes; judgment for plaintiff.

Wm. ELLIS vs. Frank STROTHER, suit on notes; judgment for plaintiff.


©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.