The Comanche Chief and Pioneer Exponent, Comanche, Texas, 20 June 1913

Social Event

One of the most enjoyable affairs of the spring season was the Japanese card party given by Mr. John CUNNINGHAM in compliment to the visiting ladies of the city, Mrs. J.R. HOLMAN, of Seattle, Washington, and Mrs. Ned HOLMAN, of Guthrie, Okla., Tuesday.

After the guests had assembled in rooms made bright with sweet peas and vases of daisies, tables were arranged and seven games of the ever popular "500" progressed with eagerness and interest.

At the close of the afternoon, Mrs. W.J. CUNNINGHAM was awarded a brass Japanese tray for the most skillful playing, while Mrs. L.B. THOMAS’ low score was recognized with a pair of Japanese chop sticks. The honor guests received dainty scarf pins as especial souvenirs. Japanese wafers, cake, candied ginger and Japanese tea were most acceptable during the refreshment hour. The guest list included: Mesdames Claud MEADOWS, W.J. CUNNINGHAM, Hilton BURKS, Ira TUNNELL, J.D. WARING, Ned HOLMAN, J.R. HOLMAN, Oscar HAMILTON, L.B. THOMAS, J.A. HOLMAN, Nat HOLMAN, V.H. THODBERG, R.H. MOORE, J.B. CHILTON, Hugh SHERILL; Misses Lalla GENTRY, Myrtle MARTIN and Lettie HOLMAN.

Infantile Paralysis at Blanket

The first case of infantile paralysis has made its appearance in this section, the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rube STONE, of Blanket, being stricken.

Sipe Springs Items

Mrs. Ed. WELCH, who lives three miles southwest of Beattie, shot herself accidentally with a 22 caliber rifle Tuesday afternoon about four o’clock. She was in the act of hanging the loaded rifle on a nail on the wall when in some manner, the weapon was discharged. The bullet entered in front in the lower part of the body, where it struck the lower bone of the pelvis, glanced and made a semi-circle, coming out in the back portion of the hip. Drs. BLACKWELL, of Beattie, and WESTBROOKS, of Sipe Springs, were called in and dressed the wound and at last reports the patient was resting well and doing nicely. The injury is painful and serious, though not really dangerous unless complications arise. Had the wound been a half inch higher, however, it would more than likely proved fatal.

In our report of the death of George JANES, which occurred on May 16th, we stated that he died at the home of his brother, Robt. JANES, when we should have said at the home of his brother-in-law, Robert STARKS.

DeLeon Doings

Jack JENKINS, a prosperous young man, happened to a very painful accident last Friday. While hauling hay on his farm eight miles southwest of town he happened to the misfortune of getting a pitchfork prong struck into the ankle of his right foot. Dr. BLACKWELL, of Beattie, was called at once to dress the wound and it is reported that he is now able to be up again.

T.I. FITZGERALD has sold several hundred gallons of blackberries from the vines scattered along his fence row. He says that his fence row is the most profitable piece of ground on his farm.


The following deaths have been reported since our last issue:

Minnie HARTMAN, 39 years of age, Comanche, Route No. 2; organic heart disease.

Marriage Licenses Issued

The following named parties have been granted licenses to wed since our last report:

J.J. HOWELL and Miss Minnie MUSTON.

William Henry THOMAS and Miss Viola WILSON.

Clarence GORE and Miss Eva RUSHING.

E.D. BARLAND and Miss Allie MARTIN.

William C. COSTER and Mrs. N.J. CALLAWAY.

Henry GORE and Miss Florence LINDSEY

George HARRIS and Letha NEWLY.

Visits of the Stork

The following births have been reported to the county clerk since our last report:

Born to Mr. and Mrs.

Ed. HUFFMAN, near Hasse, a girl, June 13.

L.S. CARTER, Comanche, Route No. 2, a girl, June 16.

Lloyd COOK, near Gustine, a boy, June 11.

Joe WELLS, Sipe Springs, a girl, June 5th.

Will COOPER, near Sipe Springs, a boy, June 6th.

Walter HORNER, near Hasse, a girl, June 15th.

B.F. CLARK, Sipe Springs, a boy, June 7th.

J.J. SMITH, Sipe Springs, a girl, June 10th.

Bryson School House

Tom DAVIS was struck with paralysis one day last week, but is some better now.

Jerry COLLINS and wife are happy over the arrival of a fine girl at their home.

Downing Doings

Conley MORRISON and Miss Ethel KISER were married last Thursday.

J.R. LOUDERMILK is slowly improving.

Clint, the little son of Archie RIDDLE, was very sick last week.

Marshall JOHNSON has a new girl at his home.

Henry BEATTY lost a fine milk cow Monday.

Bessie PIPER fell on some glass jars (breaking them) and was badly cut about the body. The doctor was called in, but the cuts were not serious and she is going about again.

Sidney News

Mr. LEE and daughter, Mrs. Ina GRIFFIN, of Comanche, visited relatives here Sundy.

Mr. and Mrs. Tate BOUR visited Mrs. BOUR’s uncle, J.T. ROBERT, Sunday.

Mrs. T. AUSTIN and baby, of Blanket, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim STAILEY, this week.

Copperas Prairie and Gap News

Mrs. W.B. DONALDSON, of near Gap, is reported very sick with typhoid fever.

Mr. ENGLEN returned Saturday from Arkansas with his mother, who is eighty-six years of age and very feeble.

Blanket News

The following school teachers have been elected for the ensuing term: W.G. PAXTON, of Coleman, Superintendent; Geo. W. ROSS, of DeLeon, Principal; Miss Gertrude DAVIS, of Carbon; Miss Ida ENGLISH, of May and Miss Lucile SKINNER of Brownwood. One teacher is yet to be selected.

The diphtheria scare here has about subsided, the child of Mr. and Mrs. Bert WHITEHEAD who were visiting here, and who contracted the disease elsewhere, has recovered. Every precaution was taken to prevent the disease from spreading.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. DEAN are entertaining a new arrival at their home in the person of Master DEAN, who arrived last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan TURNER report the arrival of a little girl at their home.

Miss May McGILL and Mr. Albert LUCKETT were married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.T. MAGILL, Sunday, June 8th, Rev. Z.T. BLANTON officiating. After the wedding the couple left for Coleman on a visit to the groom’s mother before going to Fort Worth, where they will make their home and where the groom is engaged in business.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.