The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 21 September 1895

Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses issued this week: G.M. BOYD and Miss M. CHRISTMAS; Henry HICKS and Miss S.J. COX; F.M. HOPPER and Miss N. GRISSON; N.H. HOOVER and Miss I. ROCH; W.F. LAKEY and Mrs. E.J. ROGERS.

Religious Denominations

Nearly all religious denominations are very well represented in Comanche county, except the Roman Catholics. There are but few of the latter here, and they have no church organization. The Missionary Baptists and Methodist Episcopal Church South outnumber the rest.

The Baptists have in this county thirty-five churches, 2200 members, 22 ordained ministers, 14 church buildings valued at $6,620, and 17 Sunday schools with an enrollment of 1027 members.

The M.E. Church South has 1626 members, 10 organized societies, 12 churches valued at $11,650, four parsonages and 28 preachers.

The Presbyterians have two churches with ninety members in the county, also one Sabbath school. Rev. C.L. EWING, of Ballenger, preaches to the church at Comanche once a month and Rev. Mr. STONE, of Baird, preaches to the congregation at Sipe Springs. There are several members at Proctor and other points in the county, but they have no church organization.

The Christian denomination is represented by two branches of the church in this county, and number perhaps two or three hundred, but we have been unable to get their church statistics before going to press.

The Primitive Baptists also have several congregations in the county, but we have been unable to ascertain just what their number is.

The Holiness people have an organization at Fleming and one or two other places in the county, but they are few in number.

The Cumberland Presbyterians have four church organizations in the county, three preachers and about 200 members.

Sipe Springs: A Brief History and Description of One of the Prettiest Inland Towns in Texas

…………Prior to 1869 there were no ranches nearer to the springs than the Bill JUSTICE and Ike SCHMICK ranches, seven miles north on Sabana creek, the Ship CARNES and Joel SANDERS ranches on Sweetwater, twelve miles south east, and the Dick KIZER and Wm. POYNER ranches, twelve miles east on Rush creek.

In 1869 Bill WHITESIDE, Jim ELDREDGE and a few others moved into the Sipe Springs country, followed in 1870 by "Uncle" Cull PLOTT, Elias PLOTT, John PLOTT and John WHITE, relatives and old Arkansas neighbors to the WHITESIDE arrivals of the year before.

In the spring of 1872, Sam PERCIFIELD, Cal WATKINS, Jessie THURMAN, H.W. SUBLETT, R.G. ELLIOTT and Taylor LEONARD were added to the "Arkansaw" delegation, and later in the year J.L. DEWEY, E.B. DEWEY, Daniel WYATT, M.W. WYATT, I.G. WYATT, John BUCKMASTER, James MURPHY, the EDGINGTON boys, and Joseph AUSTIN were added to the settlement arriving from Kansas.

In the early spring of 1873, J.F. CHILDRESS, John FALLS, Joe MORGAN, M.A. DRY, R.T. HAILE, S.A. BRIANT and Gus RODGERS arrived from Arkansas while Jessie HILL, Emanuel DUNN, Wm. DUNN and J.W. DUNN left the eastern part of the county, where they had been living several years and joined forces with the young Sipe Springs settlement……………..

John BUCKMASTER was our first postmaster, James MURPHY our first mail contractor, H.W. SUBLETT, our first Justice of the Peace, R.G. ELLIOTT our first constable, H.J. McQUARY our first circuit rider, Cal WATKINS our first lawyer, Dr. ROSS our first physician and John C. LEAZAR our first dentist.

Early in the seventies an Odd Fellows lodge was organized, but from scarcity of members and other causes demised after three or four years.

In 1875 a Masonic lodge was chartered, and since its organization, has been in a flourishing condition; now numbering about seventy members. J.F. CHILDRESS, R.T. HAILE, J.C. SMITH, W.G. STOCKTON and J.J. SANDERS are past masters and E.B. DEWEY present master of the lodge………

As regards mail facilities, Sipe Springs has a commodious post office, with Mrs. Lola PLOTT as postmistress and Miss Fannie PLOTT as first assistant…..

Mr. J.C. PLOTT is conducting a real estate business and being an old settler, has a thorough knowledge of the lands in this section.

Sipe Springs has as fine a Roller Mill of fifty barrel capacity as the state affords, owned and operated by T.F. HALEY and three cotton gins, complete with improved methods of handling cotton, owned respectively by J.R. STEWART, M.W. HALL and The Yantis Gin Company. The latter firm is composed of S.T. ZELLARS, W.J. YANTIS and E.B. DEWEY, the gin company being so named in honor of T.C. YANTIS, formerly one of our most enterprising citizens.

There are also within a radius of a few miles, and tributary to the Sipe Springs trade, several well equipped gins, among which we might mention Cal BENNETT’s gin, five miles northeast, operating two gin stands; J.M. SMITH’s gin, six miles west, with two gin stands; HARLOW & FLOYD’s gin, six miles southwest, with two gin stands; THORNTON’s gin, six miles south, with two gin stands, and SCOTT’s gin, eight miles east with three gin stands.

The education interest of the community is a special pride of our people; school district number twenty-four, embraces four school houses, one being in town and the other three a couple of miles out in various directions. These schools are at present under the able management of W.F. DAVIDSON, H.M. SMITH and P.J. BURROW, as board of trustees.

The Meat Market: J.M. WALKER conducts the meat market, where can always be found the best meats, well served, and usually barbecued beef served as lunch……

G.W. CREED, the blacksmith, came to Sipe Springs in the early days of the town, and by industry, honesty and his ability to do an honest piece of work at a low price has acquired a good residence and shop in town and an excellent farm in the country…..

Dr. P.H. CHILTON, a graduate of the University of Tennessee and a member of the board of medical examiners for this district, is a bright physician and a successful practitioner, who enjoys the confidence and respect of all. We regret to add that Dr. CHILTON has arranged to move with his family to Comanche, where he will in future practice the profession for which he is so well fitted.

T.F. HALEY: One of Sipe Springs’ prominent citizens deserving special mention in this write-up is our Justice of the Peace, T.F. HALEY. Mr. HALEY came to this county from Johnson county early in 1884, and that fall was elected justice of the peace and has been re-elected three times since, as well as county commissioner in 1888.

In politics he is a Democrat but is recognized by all as pre-eminently fitted for the office he holds, being a fearless champion of law and order and unbiased court decisions.

Local Items

E.U. WIESENDANGER pulled a pear from one of his fine trees this week that measured 13 ½ inches in circumference.

Sheriff FOSTER and Deputy John BANNER arrested Jessie WILLIAMS, charged with burglarizing A. McCULLOUGH’s house, on Salt Branch, at Sidney, Sunday night and lodged him in jail at Comanche.

J.J. SWITZER, of the DeLeon Free Press, is conducting a successful fire insurance business.

W.F. ELKINS, Comanche’s old reliable tinner, makes galvanized iron tanks, and does the work better and cheaper than it can be had in Dallas or anywhere in Texas.

Last Thursday morning Justice J.H. WHISENANT married W.F. LKEY and Mrs. E.J. ROGERS.

George L. WRIGHT, an old and esteemed citizen, is suffering from a cancer, and is very weak at this time.

County Surveyor SELMAN has purchased an interest in the City Feed Store, and is a partner of T.A. WHEELER.

From Sipe Springs

Mrs. J.R. STEWART has been quite sick.

Miss Addie HALEY went to Comanche Sunday.

Earnest YANTIS went to Comanche Wednesday.

Miss Ethel LATTIMORE, of Dublin, was in the city Sunday.

Mrs. M.W. HALL has been visiting in Cisco the past week.

Toliver MINIX will weigh cotton at HALL’s gin this season.

Jim BAIRD has returned after a three months visit to Aansas.

Mrs. J.M. MOORMAN, who lives four miles north of this place, is reported seriously ill.

Miss Eula FRY, formerly of Comanche, but now of Gorman, was visiting friends here the first of the week.

F. FALLS and family, of Rising Star, but formerly of this place, were here visiting friends the first of the week.

Rev. RASCO is assisted in the meeting by Rev. ROBERTS, of De Leon, who is preaching some grnd sermons.

Mr. Dave BRYANT went to Comanche Sunday, where he will remain and work for the Beeman St. Clair Co.

Mrs. Dr. TERRY, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.F. HALEY, returned to her home in Rising Star Sunday.

Rev. RASCO went to Rising Star Saturday to preach the funeral of Rev. GILLAND’s little child, which died Friday evening.

Rev. STONE of the Old School Presbyterian church, preached an able and interesting sermon at the Methodist church Sunday.

Miss Maggie FALLS, of Rising Star, is here studying music under the skillful management of Mrs. M.E. WILKERSON, and will remain several months.

De Leon

…….There are two newspapers in DeLeon, the Free Press, edited and published by Mr. J.J. SWITZER, was established in June, 1890, and its circulation covers a vast territory tributary to the town. The Right Way, recently started, is owned by Mr. M. BARKER, and edited by Wm. CARNES. Both papers would be a credit to any town of twice the size of DeLeon.

The Bank of DeLeon is operated by Wm. DALE with a capital of $25,000 and the confidence reposed in the institution is indicated by its heavy deposits and thriving business throughout the year.


N.R. LINDSEY returned from Fort Worth Monday.

J.M. REIGER went to Goldthwaite Monday on legal business.

Eugene THOMAS is at Dublin selling goods for J.R. St. CLAIR.

Rev. A.E. CARRAWAY went to Blanket this week to assist in a revival meeting.

Henry SWAN left yesterday with a drove of mules for Smith county. He will be absent about three months.

Dr. F.A. JACK left Thursday for Palestine, where he goes to take charge of Dr. HOLMSLEY’s drug business.

Miss Mickie ANDERSON, of Blanket, has been visiting friends in Comanche, and is a guest of Mrs. Jessie VANCLEAVE.

Their many friends will regret to hear that Mr. E.S. ATKINSON and family will move to Alvin soon. Mr. ATKINSON is a splendid citizen and the Chief regrets that he cannot find it to his interest to remain here. He is a lawyer of ability and fine business capacity.

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