The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 3 June 1882

Shut Down

Mr. HOLLAND has shut down his mill for the purpose of putting in new improved machinery and general repairs, preparatory to grinding the new crop. The mill will be ready for work again in two or three weeks and will be one of the best equipped in the state.

Sipe Springs

Mr. R.H. SPINKS has started his new mill, which, by the way, is a credit to the town and its enterprising owner. With two good flouring mills, the Springs expects to draw a large trade.

Messrs. JACOBS & STAMEY are authorized to receive subscriptions to the Chief at Sipe Springs.

Comanche County Products

Mr. Josiah CREAMER, who resides six miles east of town, brought in on Monday some fine ripe June apples.

D.T. LONG, from the same neighborhood, presented us with some specimens of white onions-the large flat variety-measuring in diameter from three and half to four inches.

Mrs. D. WALCOTT sent to the Chief office a bunch of four most deliciously flavored peaches, which was quite a curiosity. They were as closely in contact as grapes in the bunch.

Thanks to that little daughter of C.A. LEE, who was so thoughtful of the editor as to insist upon her father bringing in for his especial benefit some specimens of peaches of the variety called the "Governorís Garland," good enough to crown humbler people than governors with joy.

Uncle Dick CARNES, one of the oldest settlers of Comanche county, also brought in some fine ripe peaches, grown on his farm near town. What Uncle Dick doesnít know about Comanche county and its resources probably no body else knows. He thinks, after an experience of years, that it is a far better region for farming than most of the country east of the Mississippi.

"Brother" B.S. PARKER, who lives near Proctor, in this county, sent in a specimen of Mediterranean wheat grown on his place which demonstrates the wonderfully prolific character of that variety of grain.

Messrs. STONE and DICKEY have a field of Nicaragua wheat, of which they have sent a specimen to the Chief, that will make twenty-five bushels to the acre.


Sandy CHILTON returned from Wise county Wednesday.

Mrs. J.L. SPURLIN, nee Miss Maggie VEDDER, is in the city, visiting her sister, Mrs. Milton BROWN.

Frank CHANCELLOR has given up the telegraph office at this place and has been superceded by Walker WILLIAMS, of Belton.

Dr. G.P. HERNDON, of the eastern portion of the county near Dublin, paid our office a pleasant visit this week.

Mr. B.D. SHROPSHIRE was taken to LaGrange this week by Deputy Sheriff SHERRILL. He was an attached witness.

Martinís Branch

John JANES, who recently came into the neighborhood, is building a new house. He is a "go ahead" man, just such as we need.

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