The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 24 June 1882

Local Matters

Mr. HOLLAND will start his mill about the middle of next week.

The young people enjoyed a pleasant sociable at the residence of Mrs. J.M. HOLMSLEY on Tuesday evening last.

The first watermelons of the season were brought in yesterday by Mr. W.M. HOPSON, who resides near Salt Springs.


In our announcement column will be found the name of J.W. ALBIN as a candidate for cattle inspector. Mr. ALDIN [spelling appears both ways] is well known in our county and, if elected, would, no doubt, fill the office with credit.

A Mysterious Circumstance

We learn that C.A. LEE of the South Leon neighborhood, found in his pasture a few days ago, a pair of matched grey horses, well shod, that had evidently been recently driven and put in there through the gate. He thinks it probable that they are livery horses.

A Distressing Accident

Mr. J.P. COOK, while driving a -ial at Mr. HOLLAND’s mill, met with a serious accident, which, it is feared, will result in the loss of vision in his right eye. While driving a nail overhead it flew down and penetrated the ….. of the eye. Yesterday his attending physician, Dr. C.F. PAINE, stated that he was comparatively comfortable, but a conclusion as to the result could not yet be arrived at. Mr. COOK has our sympathies.


We learn that a little boy, about twelve years old, name SHERROD, was accidentally drowned while bathing in the Leon near the mouth of Sowell’s creek on Sunday last.

A $3,500 Failure

On Friday last considerable excitement was caused on our streets by the failure of the grocery firm of J.W. MOORE & Co. The assignment was made by C.B. MASON, partner in the firm, to W.O. HAMILTON, assignee, for the benefit of creditors. The liabilities of the firm foot up about $3,500 while the stock on hand invoiced a little over $1,4000. A large bulk of the indebtedness is due parties in the town and county, Mr. MOORE, it seems, having been "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul" for some time. Realizing the inevitable and lacking the moral courage to face his creditors, many of whom he says were his best friends, MOORE left on Thursday for parts unknown but has since been heard from at Colorado City. Mr. MASON has not been an active member of the firm for some time. Having been employed as book-keeper in another house, he knew but little of what was transpiring in the now defunct store. The break was no doubt an honest one, and is greatly regretted both on account of the young men and their many creditors.


We are pleased to see Prof. W.D. COX on the streets again after a spell of sickness.

Mr. R.V. NEELEY has returned from Waco, where he has been for several months attending school.

Mr. J.E. CANAN and family will leave, in a few days, for Crosby county, where they will probably reside in the future.

Mr. J.T. HARRIS’ family moved to Dublin this week. Their many friends in Comanche regretted very much to see them leave, and join with the Chief in many wishes for their welfare in their new home.

The Chief had a pleasant call from Mr. S.E. McASHAN, formerly of Houston, who is running a mixed sheep and cattle business in the South Leon neighborhood.

Messrs. Jesse CUNNINGHAM and C.A. LEE, of the southeastern section of our county, called on us the early part of the week. Such men, in the vigor of manhood, full of energy and enterprise and engaged in rural pursuits, are bound to build up a country like this. Comanche county has room for thousands more like them.

One of the earliest and constant friends of the Chief, Raburn SCOTT, Esq., ten years a farmer in Comanche county, called this week. …He is one of our most respected and venerable citizens.

De Leon Locals

Esquire TERRY is having but little business in his court now. Perhaps the people are becoming more pious of late.

BOOTH, MORRIS & TERRELL have almost completed a two-story house, the upper story of which is to be used for Masonic purposes.

John TERRY was bitten by a copperhead snake on the 17th inst. Dr. REDDEN and EAST were called to see him. He was improving when last heard from.

Sipe Springs Locals [Sipe Springs is situated about twenty miles a little northwest of Comanche in the most densely populated portion of Comanche county. It contains seven or eight stores, two splendid flouring mills, two steam gins, good church and school buildings, a Masonic and I.O.O.F. lodges, & c.]

Prof. WEAR opened school on yesterday with a fair attendance.

Dr. S.K. SMITH left a few days ago for the west on the Texas Pacific to fill some professional engagements.

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