The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 17 June 1882

Local Matters

Mr. Joe HAMMERS has secured the mail contract from Comanche to DeLeon and will take charge of the –ame on the first prox. Joe has ordered a bran [sic] new hack and says he intends to run first-class teams.

Marriage Licenses

County Clerk BONNER has issued licenses to marry during the present month as follows, to wit:






W.L. YATES, the present efficient sheriff of our county, announces as candidate for re-election. Mr. YATES is well known to the citizens of Comanche county, of having served -- term as sheriff and two as deputy sheriff.

The name of Mr. G.R. HUSTON appears this week as a candidate for re-election to the office of tax assessor.

School Trustees Elected

On Monday last an election was held for four school trustees to take the places of C.F. PAINE, J.M. McCRARY, N.R. LINDSEY and R.D. –IDDEN, whose terms of office had expired. Following shows the votes totaled: R. HOLLAND, 57; C.F. PAINE --; J.W. GREENE, 39; F.A. JACK, 38; - R. LINDSEY, 35; G.A. BEEMAN, 29; - M. McCRARY, 27; scattering, 10.

Fine Spring Turnips

Mr. J.M. CASSLE, who lives nine miles east of town, between Indian creek and the North Leon, sowed, on the 26th of February last, in the sandy land of his locality, one-eighth of an acre of the purple top turnip. An average specimen of the product he has brought to the Chief’s editorial room. It is six inches in diameter and weighs two and a half pounds.

Wild Goose Plums

Mr. D.H. CUNNINGHAM brought in this week some specimens of the wild goose plum a third larger than any the writer has ever seen. It is best to buy the grafted bushes from the nursery, but, as this variety is known generally to propagate its kind from the seed, farmers would do well to plant as many as they can.

Real Estate Transfers

The following deeds have been recorded in the county clerk’s office since our last report, to-wit:

E.L. SHROPSHIRE to S.A. LYNCH; 160 acres, Joseph HARRALSON survey, $23.10

State of Texas to A.H. DOTY, 160 acres, pre-emption patent.

A.G. DAVENPORT and wife to A.E. BAILEY, 60 acres; $50

A.E. BAILEY and wife to D. LINDLEY, 60 acres; $355

N.J. POUNDS to D.N. LEE, lot 2 in block 46 in town of Comanche; $200

G.C. COTNAM to A.C. WILLIAMS, 283 acres out of the Z.S. BROOKS survey; $450

John McDOUGALL to Wm. LINDLEY, 1585 acres out the S. THOMPSON survey; $396.25

C.G. DAVENPORT and wife to David LINDLEY, 80 acres; $120

J.W. DUNN and wife to A.E. BAILEY, 19 acres; $35

A.E. BAILEY and wife to D. LINDLEY, 19 acres; $10

F.E. BOMPART and wife to Wm. LINDLEY, undivided one-half interest in lot 12, block 18 in DeLeon.

Heirs of J.J. GREEN, et al. to Jane A. GREEN, et al.; undivided one-half interest 640 acres, Thomas PARKER survey; $1

Jane A. GREEN, et al. to W. VON ROSENBERG, undivided one-half interest in 640 acres, Thomas PARKER survey; consideration, legal services


Capt. J.A. WRIGHT returned, on Wednesday, from Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto county, whither he had been to take Mrs. WRIGHT for her health.

John M. CLOWER came down from Colorado City on Monday evening. He reports the young giant as still growing. He will return next week, taking his family with him.

Mr. Lou LUPTON, a former citizen of Comanche, who has many friends here, is now in Virginia, as we learn from the Rockingham Register.

Prof. J.W. TIMMINS, former principal of Comanche’s school, has recently moved to San Angelo, Tom Green county, where he has formed a copartnership in the practice of law with Francis F. HOPP, Esq.

The Dublin Gazette of Saturday last says: "Miss Isla SHORTRIDGE arrived home Tuesday. She has been attending the normal school at Huntsville since last September. Although she lost seven weeks from her studies, caused by sickness, she was chosen among the twenty who were placed on the roll of honor. The papers which gave the standing of these, placed her fifth, when she was third, and it gives us pleasure to make the correction."

Miss Isla’s home is in Comanche, and her numerous friends are justly proud of her success.

Sipe Springs Locals

M. W. HALL is building a new stone store house.

S. ROACH has received a large lot of new furniture.

R.H. SPINKS ground a load of wheat from Comanche a few days ago.

A.J. JOICE is building a neat residence here and will move to town in a few days.

Mrs. Dr. S.K. SMITH has returned from a visit to her father, who lives near Meridian, Miss.

Rev. G.F. FAIR, one-half of a mile south of town, has an orchard of as thrifty trees as ever grew anywhere. It is well loaded with fruit, and the Parson is happy.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.