The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 15 July 1882

A Worthy Compliment

Professor D.S. SWITZER, of Granbury, has been appointed to take charge of the Summer Normal Institute at Gainesville, commencing on the 6th of July, continuing six weeks. Prof. SWITZER is as fine an educator as there is in the state. He is a man of marked ability and well fitted for the position to which he has been assigned. He graduated with distinction in the University of Mississippi in 1869, and has since been laboring in the cause of education in the state of Texas.

To the above well-deserved compliment, the Chief takes occasion to add that Prof. SWITZER once taught a school in Comanche, in which position he acquitted himself with great honor. Having given it up to accept the principalship of the Granbury high school, about two years ago, he has won golden opinions there, and proven by his success his worthiness to rank with the best of our educators.


Mrs. KEY, mother of Henry Key, is visiting her son in Comanche.

Mr. John ELLIOTT is able to be on the streets again after a spell of sickness.

Mr. SMITH, the affable manager of Cameronís Dublin lumber yard, was in town this week.

Sheriff YATES is still unable to appear upon the streets, though somewhat improved since last report.

Prof. P.M. BARNES has accepted the principalship of the school at Abilene. He leaves behind him in Comanche many friends and admirers who regret to part with him and who wish him success wherever he may cast his lot.

The Chief had a pleasant call from Mr. J.E. ROBERTSON, of Crawford county, Mo. Mr. R. is a brother of our Dr. G.W.L. ROBERTSON, and is prospecting with the expectation of choosing a home here. He will be heartily welcomed should he determine to cast his lot with us.


Mr. L.H. BREWER announces in this issue as a candidate for county judge of Comanche county. Mr. BREWER has many admirers and supporters in the county and is, no doubt, well qualified for the position, and, should he be selected, will make a good officer.

At the earnest solicitation of his many friends throughout the county, Mr. B.W. SWITZER announces himself as a candidate for assessor. Mr. S., like his worthy opponent, lost a leg in the Confederate army. He is in every way qualified and would make a faithful and competent public servant should the people choose him to serve them.

Gave Bond

J.B. HANSON, who was arrested last week and lodged in jail, charged with arson and theft, gave bond in the sum of $2000 and was released from custody on Saturday last.

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