The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 1 July 1882

Masonic Installation

The following gentlemen, officers elect of Hope Lodge No. 481, A.F. & A.M., were, on Saturday night last, installed for the ensuing Masonic year by D.D.G.M.G.A. BEESON: R. HOLLAND, W.M.; Joe W. HILL, S.W.; C.F. PAINE, J.W.; J. GREENE, Treas.; N. COOK, Sec; W.J. NABERS, S.D.; J.R. GAFFORD, J.D.; W.W. McCULLOUGH, S.S.; G.A. CLIFTON, J.S.; J.J. FRANKLIN, Tiler.

School Matters

The trustees of the Comanche Graded School announce that they will consider applications for places in the school on the 24th inst.

Mrs. KNUDSONís school closed on the 23rd ult. The attendance during the session was good. The following prizes were awarded: For punctual attendance, Joe YALE; for the most rapid improvement in penmanship, Willie LOFTIS; for excelling in his class, Charlie BROWN; for excelling in their classes, Sarah LOFTIS, Nettie HAMILTON, Grace KNUDSON and Laura CHANCELLOR. Mrs. KNUDSON is very popular with her patrons and pupils and we wish her success.


J.W. MOORE has returned to Comanche.

Mrs. J.J. FRANKLIN, accompanied by her children, returned to Comanche Tuesday evening last. They were warmly welcomed back to their old home by their numerous friends.

Mr. John HOWELL, of Springfield, Ohio, (an uncle of F.E. WILSON,) who has been on a prospecting tour to our county, returned to his home on Monday last. We hope he will decide to come here to live.

Salt Springs Locals

We have a good school at Salt Springs, taught by Mrs. TUNNELL.

Principal Inhabitants of Sipe Springs on The 24th of June 1882

J.C. SMITH, blacksmith; J.F. CHILDRESS, farmer; H.R. SPINKS, miller; Dr. S.K. SMITH, farmer and dentist; T.J. CRAWFORD, miller; Elias PLOTT, druggist; Ed DEWEY, miller; Rev. G.F. FAIR, minister; J.W. JOHNSON, farmer; R.G. ELLIOTT, freighter; Mr. HUTCHENS, farmer; T.C. YANTIS, miller and merchant; Mr. CREECH, merchant; John ROACH, clerk; S. ROACH, merchant; M.W. HALL, merchant; Dave JACOBS, merchant (no family); Frank STAMEY, merchant (no family); K. STEPHENSON, clerk (no family); J.C. LEAZAR, saddler; George CREED, blacksmith; Branch HUFF, blacksmith; A.A. MILLER, carpenter; J.J. DEENS, farmer; Jas STANTON, engineer; Press THURMOND, farmer; T. REEVES, bootmaker; B. WALKER, bootmaker; E.J. CARRINGTON, postmaster and J.P.; A.J. JOICE, farmer; Q. BOOTH, blacksmith; Rev. R.D. WEAR, principal of school; Mr. STUART, farmer; William VERNON, farmer and mechanic; Jeff CRESTMAN, farmer; Hans WEAVER, farmer; J.W. MORGAN, cattleman; Dr. DAVIS, physician and surgeon; Mr. FRANCIS, farmer; Burton JOHNSON, farmer, (no family); Robít McADAMS, farmer, (no family); and Milt WYATT, farmer, (no family).


Mrs. Mattie M. LEE, wife of Dr. D.N. LEE, died at her home in Colorado, Mitchell county, Texas, at 2 oíclock a.m., June 27, 1882, and her infant son died at 9a.m. on the 28th, and both were buried in one grave beside the grave of little Lula in Comanche cemetery on the evening of the 28th. Mrs. LEE has been an exemplary member of the Methodist church since her girlhood, and we have every reason to believe that the Saviour, whose cause she so faithfully advocated through life, accepted her in death, and that she is now enjoying the beauties of the Christianís home in Heaven. She was very modest and retiring in her disposition, and only those intimately acquainted with her could properly appreciate her womanly and Christian virtues. She was kind and sympathetic to her children and neighbors, ever dispensing her blessings and benedictions to all in the circle of her acquaintance, but more especially the sick and destitute in the community.

Though she has passed over the river, she will live in the memory and affections of many friends in Comanche.

To the bereft husband and children let me say emulate her pure Christian life and example, that you may make an unbroken family in Heaven. A Friend.


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