The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 19 August 1882

Local Matters

Mr. J.W. HICKS brought a twin water melon to the Chief office this week that was quite a curiosity.

Mrs. KNUDSON will begin school on the first Monday in September. Tuition will be free to all those within the scholastic age.

Mr. T.B.BOLLEN, of Bonham, has purchased land in Comanche county for the purpose of establishing a sheep ranche. The Chief is always glad to welcome such men to our community, and hopes his coming will be the means of bringing many more.

All persons, living outside of the incorporation, having children within the scholastic age, who desire the benefits of the Comanche graded school for the next five months, should immediately call on J.M. GAISER for enrollment.


The name of John H. HARRIS, as a candidate for constable of Precinct No. 1, appears in this issue. He is well known to the voters of this beat and will make a good officer if elected.

The name of M.V. FLEMING has held this office and is thoroughly acquainted with the duties appertaining to the same.

Personal Mention

Sheriff YATES is still confined to his room.

T.C. HILL has been spending the week at Dublin, assisting in getting Hill, Moore & Co’s new store in running order.

Henry R. MARTIN, Esq., who, as announced in last weeks issue, was hurt near DeLeon by a fall from a horse, is slowly improving and hopes to be able soon to be removed to his home in this vicinity.

Mr. David LOCHER has returned to Comanche and taken his old place as miller in the City Mills. Mr. L. has a wide reputation as a miller in this section and we congratulate the proprietors of the City Mills on having secured his services.

Scrub Pony Race

There will be a scrub pony race, on Tuesday next, in the valley north of Mr. BARTLETT’s residence. It will be a sweepstake, $5 entrance fee, first out to take the pot. About ten have already agreed to enter, and a lively time is anticipated by the boys.

Justice Carr’s Court

A stir was produced one day last week, in Justice CARR’s court, by the disappearance of Drew CATHEY, on trial for assault, while the jury were making up their verdict in the case. He was however found and brought into court. The jury fined him $5, from which judgment the defendant appealed to the district court.

Serious Accident

Willie LACY, aged about 12 years, son of J.B. LACY, Esq., who lives about three miles north west of town, was badly bruised and both bones of one leg broken about half way between the ankle and knee joint, (the bones protruding through the skin,) in consequence of a fall from a mule while driving cattle. The injury, though a serious one and involving much suffering, his attending surgeon, Dr. TUCKER, does not think such as forbids the probability of recovery in a reasonable length of time.

County Commissioners Court

The commissioners court of Comanche county met in its regular quarterly session on Monday, the 14th inst.

Present Hon. C.E. WILLIAMSON, Judge J.W. GREEN, S.C. SLAUGHTER, W.P. FERGUSON and H.P. GARRETT, commissioners.

The following named persons were each allowed ten dollars out of the pauper fund, viz: Bartlett ANDERSON, Rhoda ANDERSON, and Mrs. DUNCAN, and Ezekial ROSE fifteen dollars.

It was ordered by the court that Mr. S.A. RUSH against whom a judgment was rendered in the District court of Comanche county, as surety on the appearance bond of J.H. GHOLSON, on the payment of one hundred dollars on or before December 1, 1882, and one hundred dollars on or before December 1, 1883, and on the conveying to Comanche county 72 acres of land in Brown county, Texas, the same conveyed to said RUSH by S.H. GHOLSON, shall be relieved from any further liability under the aforesaid judgment……………

McLANE was allowed $1.00 for ploughing the court house yard.

$1.50 was allowed G.W. MORRIS for cutting out weeds in the court house yard.

$2.00 was allowed Dr. F.T. & C.S. PAINE for visit to lunatic in the jail, payable out of pauper fund.

W.B. CUNNINGHAM, was allowed $1.50 for medicines furnished for HARRIS, and $9.90 for medicines furnished to the jail to August 14th, 1882.

August 16. It appearing from the report of the jury of view to lay out and mark a road leading south from Comanche, and known as the Comanche and Hamilton road, and that as viewed by them, said road will pass across lands of J.M. McCRARY, J.M. CHILDERS, D. WALCOTT and P.M. WALLING who protest against the opening of said road across their lands and through their enclosures, J.M. HAMILTON, E. WHITT, Hugh O’BRIEN, J.L. HARRIS and W.A. WALDRUP were appointed to review said road and assess damages incidental to opening a road of the second class.

The prayer of H.C. JACKSON to change the road from Comanche to Sipe Springs was granted as follows: commence at the corner of H.C. JACKSONS’ field thence to intersect the road near Mr. HINDS place a distance of about five hundred yards.

The petition of Lewis HOWARD and others to change the road between Sipe Springs and DeLeon was granted…..

James ERWIN was employed to make certain repairs to the court house amounting to $70.50.

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