The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 10 December 1881

Local Matters

Rev. P.W. GRAVIS preached two able sermons at the Methodist church last Sunday.

Mr. DICKSON’s house is nearly completed, and will be one of the handsomest residences in the city.

Sheriff YATESS sold the stock of liquors formerly belonging to Fernandez and Ackerman, this week.

Messrs. POUNDS, NUNNALLY and BOWMAN, of Comanche county, were registered at the Atlanta exposition last week.

Saloon Men Sued for Damages

Rev. P.W. GRAVIS has instituted suit against the proprietors of the Monarch and Commercial saloons for selling whiskey to his son, a minor, after being warned against so doing. This is the first suit brought under the new law in Comanche.

About Mr. West

Sheriff YATES received a letter this week from the son of the late Mr. C.W. WEST, whose lifeless remains were recently found near his farm in this county. The gentleman states that his father’s true name was not WEST, but DENISTON, and that he left Pennsylvania fourteen years ago, owing to business troubles. There was evidently a past era in Mr. WEST’s career which he desired the world to be ignorant of, and it would be a cruel disrespect to the dead for us to pry into the secrets which should be buried with their owner. Sufficient it is to know that during his residence in our county he has ever acted the part of a modest, intelligent, honest gentleman, and one who strictly lived up to the golden rule.

The Christmas Ball

Invitations are being sent out this week for the Christmas ball and supper, to be given on the night of the 26th. Arrangements are being rappidly made for the occasion, which bids fair to be the best of the kind ever given in Comanche. The following committees have been appointed to manage the affair:

On Arrangement – J.T. GREEN, Frank HILL, David ZWEIFEL, F.S. CAMPBELL, J.W. GREENE




Remember that everybody is invited, and that none need stand back for a printed invitation.


Mr. W.L. SARTWELLE left for Houston, Sunday, where he will attend the Masonic grand lodge which is in session at that place.

Dr. TOWNSLEY, the dentist, will be here in a few days.

Mr. J.E. STANCIL has returned from a trip to Atlanta’s exposition and his old home in Alabama. His estimable lady who was so dangerously ill last week, is, we are happy to say, rapidly recovering.

Charley BETTERTON, one of the cleverest drummers on the road, was in town this week.

Messrs. Jas. CARLETON and John CHILTON have embarked in the saloon business at Dublin.

Rev. W.C. BRODIE, the minister assigned to this station by the late Methodist conference, arrived this week, and was cordially welcomed by his congregation.

Last Saturday’s stage brought home Mr. J.R. DICKSON and bride, nee Miss Anna TUCKER, of Round Rock, and formerly of Comanche. The happy couple were united at Gonzales on the 28th ult, and after a short bridal tour to Galveston, they returned to Comanche, their future home. Mr. DICKSON has long held the fort of single blessedness, and was considered proof against the charms of the gentler sex, but he succumbed at last to the charms of fair woman. The happy couple have the congratulations and wishes for their future happiness of the entire community.

Martin’s Branch

Ed. Chief: The Martin Branch settlement is about nine miles northwest of the town of Comanche. The first settlers in this neighborhood were Thomas BROWN and H.C. DENNY. There were no farms in cultivation, and the natural surroundings were not inviting by any means. Scrubby post oak and black jack timber to the right, to the left, and all around, with now and then a small mesquite glade and a few rocks with their ancient heads sticking above the turf. The nearest water was about three miles distant at what is known as the "fish-hole" on Copperas creek. Time rolled on and other families began to come in. Among them were the BRIDGES and the LANES, who have done much to improve the appearance of our

Neighborhood. We have had more recent additions whose names are WARREN, CARAWOY, BIGGS, COX, TAYLOR, and W. YARBROUGH, who have pitched in with a vim, and showed their faith by their works. Mr. G.W. JONES owns a large farm here, too, and makes this his home when here, but at present is off on a visit–possibly looking for a housekeeper.

Things have changed wonderfully the last few years. Every farm has wells or tanks and water. We hardly ever fail to raise something. This season has been very hard on account of the drought, but I believe we have all raised enough to do us until another crop can be raised.

Mr. J.H. BRIDGES tried an experiment on a piece of ground, which he plowed very deep and subsoiled, planting it in cotton. He says it paid him a big dividend upon the extra time and labor.

We now have a good school in the community which is being taught by Mr. JOHNSTON, who has given entire satisfaction.

We have an organized church (Primitive Baptist) which is conducted by Revs. BRIGGS and TAYLOR

List of Letters

Remaining in the Postoffice at Comanche, Texas, December 1, 1881, which will be sent to the Dead Letter office if not called for within one month:

AFRINS, Mrs. R.C.; BISHOP, Mrs. M.H.; BERD, Mrs. Mattie; BERKLEY, Wm.; BYARS, S.J.; CHILRESS, H.E.; CARTER, Miss E.J.; CANSBY, Warren; CARVER, W.B.; COLLINS, Mrs.; CUNNINGHAM, S.A.; DICKENS, J.W.; CUNNINGHAM, Hattie; DAVIS, Josiah; DANNELLY, M.P.; GREEN, Wm.W.; HOLDEN, Wm.; HUGHS, H.B.; HAMMON, Mrs. Rosie; HUDDLESTON, Miss Lizzie, INGRAM, Mary; JOHSLIN, Miss Annie B.; JAY, J.L.; LOPES, Sr. Dn. Etumlado; JOHNSON, J.R.; JOHNSON, Eugene; KENNEDY, Marion; KRUSE, Peter; LANE, W.E.; LATHAM, Sam; MATTHEWS, Mon; MARTIN, Elijah; McBEE Miss Mollie; NEALMS, Dr. J.M.; NEILL, G.F., Jr.; NIELL, Robert; REAVES, Mrs. A.; SADBERRY, Asa; SHELTON, Mr.; STILES, Sam’l.; TURNER, Mrs. Emily; THORNTON, John H.; VAUGHN, H.E.; WARD, John; WOODY, S.N.; WILSON, W.H.; WILSON, Anderson; WYATT, J.W.

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