The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 26 November 1881

Local Matters

Three persons were baptized by immersion in Indian creek, last Sunday afternoon. The water was rather cool for such an operation.

A large crowd of sympathizing friends attended the funeral services of the late Mrs. C.F. PAINE, at the Methodist church, last Saturday afternoon.

A False Alarm

Sunday afternoon a dense volume of smoke issuing from the roof of A.L. HAMILTON’s residence led many to suppose that house on fire. It was only a burning chimney, however, and the hook and ladder machine was quietly rolled back in its shed, unused.

Religious Items

Rev. J.A. McMURRAY will preach at the court house to-morrow morning and evening.

Elder J.P. TODD, of the Church of Christ, will preach at the Baptist church near James CUNNINGHAM’s on Holmsley creek, on Saturday night before the first Sunday in December; also at the Montgomery school house the day following at 11a.m.

The Town Election. J.M. Gaiser Elected Mayor.

Monday last the annual election of town officers took place. The ballot box was in HAMILTON’s drug store, but only about fifty of the sovereigns thought it was worth the trouble to vote. The corporation of the town of Comanche is, in fact, a nullity, the annual election of town officers being held only for the purpose of preserving the charter, in order that the school tax may be levied and collected. None of the officers have duties to perform save the recorder, who attends to the assessing and collecting of the tax. No regular tickets were in the field, last Monday, and every man selected his own candidates. Four aldermen were to be elected, but thirty-two men received votes for the office.

For mayor J.M. GAISER received 34 votes; E. WIESENDANGER, 10; C.E. WILLIAMSON, 2; Rob’t CARTER, G.A. CHILTON and M.V. FLEMING, 1.

For aldermen, J.B. GREEN, 37; Wm. BARNES, 24; G.A. BEEMAN, 27; A.L. HAMILTON, 17; D. WALCOTT, 12; W.B. CUNNINGHAM, 9; G.A. CHILTON, 6; D. ZWEIFEL, 5; M.V. FLEMING, 2; J.C. BARTLETT, 5; C.B. MASON, 4; John SULLIVAN, 6; J.T. GREEN, 7; C.L. DENTON, 5; J.W. MOORE, 4. Seventeen persons received one vote each for this office.

For recorder–J.T. HARRIS, 39; J.W. STONE, 5; J.W. GREENE, 3; scattering, 3.


E.L. SHROPSHIRE will probably return to-day.

Dr. CROW and Mr. CAGE, of Stephenville, were in town yesterday.

J. Byron GREEN has gone to Waco, upon a visit to the old folks at home.

Master Johnny SWITZER returned from Hico, Thursday, where he has been employed upon the Times.

Messrs. A.L. HAMILTON and W.B. CUNNINGHAM left, Tuesday, for Fort Worth, where they will buy their Christmas goods.

Mrs. M.W. CARROLL returned Wednesday from an extended visit to San Augustine, Texas. She was accompanied by her accomplished sister, Miss Sudie FORD.

Mrs. OLIVER, mother of the late Mrs. Dr. PAINE, arrived on Thursday from Marleton, Ark. She will make Comanche her permanent home and take charge of her daughter’s little children.


As Rev. J.M. GAISER was about to set down to tea, Tuesday evening, his house was invaded by a party of lady friends, who then and there presented him with an elegant suit of clothes. He hands us the following card of thanks to the donors:

I desire to return my grateful acknowledgments and thanks to Sisters Lula CLOWER, Ida PAINE and Sallie REDDEN, and through them to the kind friends that so generously assisted, for the gift of a most excellent suit of clothes, upon last Monday evening……….

Returned from Mexico

Mr. Isham SMITH dropped in upon us yesterday morning, having just returned from Old and New Mexico, where he has been for several months upon a visit. He gives much interesting information about the lands he has visited. He came back via the Southern and Texas Pacifics, having had to wagon only a distance of twenty-six miles between their terminal.

Methodist Conference Items

From Mr. Rufus SWITZER, who returned from the Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, held at Waxahatchie last week, we learn the following:

Rev. W.D.R. STOCKTON was returned to the Comanche district as presiding elder.

Rev. H.B. HENRY was sent to the Lancaster circuit, Dallas county.

Rev. W.C. BRODIE takes Mr. HENRY’s place on Comanche circuit.

Rev. CROCKETT, of Bibb circuit, was transferred to William’s Ranche circuit. Rev. R.W. WELBORN succeeds Mr. CROCKETT on Bibb circuit.

Rev. GILLELAND was sent to Blanket circuit.

Rev. P.W. GRAVIS was made superintendent of church extension for Northwest Texas Conference.

Rev. James TUNNELL was sent to Marlin station.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.