The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 22 October 1881

Local Matters

Mr. J.P. COOK, the builder, will soon commence the erection of an elegant dwelling house.

Mr. T.J. HOLMSLEY will soon have a large bunch of cattle on the road to his ranch out west.

Messrs. Aaron and Dave CUNNINGHAM have recently fenced in a large pasture of about 2000 acres in –ze. They used two wires and a -ail.

A valuable horse, the property of Captain J.A. WRIGHT, was killed last week, by being impaled upoon the panel of a fence which it was trying to jump.

Charles ADAMS and ___HOWELL were arrested last week by Sheriff YATES upon three indictments against each of them, for unlawfully marking and branding and theft of cattle. HOWELL gave bond and ADAMS was incarcerated.

Mr. W.J.C. CATHEY brough to the Chief office last Saturday, a huge sweet potato, which weighed six pounds. His crop of tubers this year is very large and fine.


Rev. J.T. HARRIS joined in the holy bonds of matrimony, Thursday afternoon last, Mr. Jas. E. DRAKE, of Cook county Texas, to Miss Jennie EAST, of DeLeon, Texas.

Serious Accident.

Through parties from the Cunningham neighborhood, we learn that a little boy, the son of Mrs. REECE, was severely burned, on Monday afternoon last, at the residence of Mr. F.H. NEELY, by falling into a vessel of boiling syrup. At last account, its injuries, though very serious, were not supposed to be fatal.

Another Richmond in the Field

While a Chief reporter was passing along the west side one day this week, he espied a wagon unloading a number of scrapers at Mr. Wm. BARNES’ store, and the idea that struck the reporter was that the advance guard of the Fort Worth and Rio Grande had arrived, but upon inquiry he learned that Mr. BARNES was expecting the appointment of road overseer and was only receiving the scrapers preparatory to filling up ex-road overseer’s canals.

Released and Returned

Mr. F.M. McDERMOTT returned from Waco, Saturday last, where he had been carried by Deputy U.S. Marshal HUNNICUT, to answer a raked-up charge of violating the revenue laws, or, in plainer English, to be blackmailed by the vampires who are abusing Uncle Sam’s authority in that city. McDERMOTT brought with him a receipt from District Attorney MINER for $75, which reads "in full" for all costs, paid upon condition that the case would be compromised. As he was about to leave they demanded an additional forty dollars, but he refused to be bled any more, and said he would fight it out before a jury.


Mitch OVERSTREET is now engaged in the drug business at Albany.

Mrs. J.M. HOLMSLEY left for Waco last Saturday, upon a weeks visit.

Philip CHILTON has left Dublin for New Mexico, where he will reside in the future.

John SEDDON, Esq., of DeLeon, was in town, Wednesday, and gave the Chief a pleasant call.

A.B. FOSTER, of Sipe Springs, starts for his old home in Alabama, in a few days, upon a visit.

Mr. Nathan COOK and family have returned from Eureka Springs, Ark., where they have been spending several months for the benefit of their health.

Miss Maude TUCKER departed, Saturday last, for Kansas City, Mo., where she will spend the winter. We hope she will find her trip of much enjoyment and pleasure.

Mr. O.J. POSEY, of Burnet, came this week to take charge of the telegraph office at this place, but after viewing the dilapidated line and fixtures, he decided not to undertake the job. Mr. POSEY is apparently a nice young gentleman and we are sorry he will not remain here.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.