The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 15 October 1881

Local Matters

Little Lina WRIGHT, daughter of Mr. B.F. WRIGHT, had her wrist badly dislocated by a fall from a horse last week.

A pleasant dance was given by the young people at Mrs. LOWERY’s residence, Tuesday night, and was enjoyed greatly by all who participated.

Charley MASON may now be found at J.W. MOORE & Co.’s store.

Bitten By A Spider

A little girl, the daughter of Mr. John ELLIOTT, was badly bitten by a spider last Monday night, from the effects of which she suffered great pain.

Religious Intelligence

The protracted meeting was ended last Sunday night, at the Methodist church. Mr. GAISER preached the sermon and the closing exercises were somewhat protracted owing to the unusual amount of interest displayed.

The Baptists will hold services at the courthouse tomorrow. Mr. HARRIS has gone to Hamilton, and his appointment will probably be filled by Mr. STANTON.

The contract for building the new Baptist church was this week awarded to George MOTTWILLER for $758.44. The site selected for the location of the building is on the block north of the college. Work will commence in a few days.

Comanche R.A. Chapter

The following gentlemen were installed as officers of Comanche Royal Arch Chapter for the ensuing year at their last regular meeting: W.L. SARTWELLE, High Priest; R.D. REDDIN, King; S.L. MURPHREE, Scribe; G.A. BEEMAN, Captain of the Host; E.L. SHROPSHIRE, Principal Sojourner; R. HOLLAND, Royal Arch Captain; J.W. GREENE, Grand Master of the third veil; J.M. McCRARY, Grand Master of the second veil; D. WALCOTT, Grand Master of the first veil; A.L. HAMILTON, Treasurer; R.D. TURNER, Secretary; J.E. STANCIL, Sentinel.


Mr. James CARDER departed yesterday for Whitney where he will join his family.

Mr. A.L. FORD, wife and two daughters, Miss Sudie and Mrs. M.W. CARROLL, departed upoon a visit to San Augustine, Texas.

Messrs E.L. SHROPSHIRE and T.R. HILL have completed their abstract of title for Comanche county. County Clerk BO"NNER has also finished an abstract of town lots.

Rev. J.A. McMURRAY left, Wednesday, for Virginia after his estimable lady, who has been there several months upon a visit. He will take in the cotton expositioon at Atlanta, and the Presbyterian synod at Corsicana upon his return trip.

Disliked the Preacher

Everything did not pass off as smooth at the colored church last Sunday night, as herretofore. Possibly if Brother HIGBY had been present the difficulty would not have happened, but that gentleman had, unfortunately, gone west the day before. The ruffling of the waters was not owing to any lack of interest or enthusiasm. Parson MASON preached his best sermon, the singing was up to its usual standard, and the best prayer prayed his best prayer. All went well until the invitation was extended to mourners. All the unconverted flocked to the altar-except one. Yes, far back in the corner, stolid, callous, calm and indifferent, sat one lone unrepentant, Henry DICKENSON, Esq., the champion colored cook of Comanche, and he was one-half the cause of the difficulty. The parson constituted the remainder. The appeal for mourners had hardly ended, when Uncle Dick (H.D., Esq.) arose from his seat and addressed Parson MASON in the following language, which might be considered rather personal by some: "Parson MASON, I haint got no objections to de church, and I likes de religion very well, but you aint worth a ___, an’ I would sink in de furthemost pits of h__ before I’d come up to dat mo’ners’ bench an’ kneel down before such a dirty, trifling nigger as you is." He also alluded to Mr. MASON being better adapted for a polygamist than a Methodist. That is the whole substance of the quarrell in Blackville, with the exception that Henry D., will appear before the next district court, provided he does not forfeit a $100 bond, which he gave Squire CARR, last Monday, to answer a charge of disturbing public worship.


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