The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 2 April 1881

Local Matters

The measles still raging.

J.M. McCRARY has moved his stock to the old STEPHENS store.

From letters received here, we learn that J.D. STEPHENS and Harvey ACKERMAN, former citizens of our town, are now in El Paso, the former in the real estate business and the latter making brick.

The Slander Case

The preliminary trial of A.C. DANIELS, charged with slandering Mrs. McKEE, occupied nearly all of the day in Justice CARRís court last Saturday. DANIELS was bound over in a bond of $50 for his appearance at the district court.

Notaries for Comanche County

The following is the list of notaries public appointed by the governor for Comanche county: J.M. GAISER, R.T. CHILDS, E.L. SHROPSHIRE, to succeed themselves; Luther LESTER, J.W. HILL, new appointments.

Real Estate Transfers

Mr. Tom HOLCOME this week sold his building on the north side of the square to F.M. McDERMOTT.

Messrs. J.T. HARRIS and W.L. YATES purchased Mr. Henry HILLís dwelling and livery stable on Thursday last.

Justice Court

Justice CARR was kept busy all day Saturday trying evil-doers of various degrees and kinds. Below is a list of cases tried in his court during the past week:

Earle RAINS, cursing and swearing in loud and vociferous manner, fined $1 and cost.

Guy CARNES, cursing and swearing in a public place, $1 and cost.

Tom HOLCOME, same offence, $1 and cost.

Guy CARNES, carrying steel knucks, $25 and cost.

Tom HOLCOME, assault and battery, $5 and cost.

D.T. LONG, carrying a six-shooter, $25 and cost.

The Burnt District

Hardly had the smoke cleared from the ruins of the fire last week before several of our enterprising citizens began planning to build up the burnt district, and it is now rumored that the details are perfected. It is a fact well-known that Mr. MARTIN, of the firm of MARTIN, BYRNE & JOHNSTON, has purchased the lots owned by Mrs. FOSSETT, of Meridian, and it is said that the firm will erect two elegant, two-story stone fronts upon them to be the finest store-houses in this section. One of these buildings is intended for one of our most prominent grocery firms. It is also said that Mr. BARNES, the hardware merchant, will erect a handsome two-story building on the lot where his present store is situated, and it is too well known to need any comment upon our part that when Mr. BARNES undertakes anything that he will have nothing but the best.

We have also heard that Mr. A.L. HAMILTON will build a house in usison with those of Messrs. MARTIN, BYRNE & JOHNSTON, thus making a continuous block of five two-story stone-fronts upon the west side of the square. One of the prominent features of the buildings will be a commodious public hall above two of the stores, which can be used for public meetings, etc.

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