The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 26 February 1881

Local Matters

A team running away made things lively on the square last Monday morning.

Mr. E. WEISENDANGER, the enterprising barber, is digging a well in the rear of his shop. He intends running a bath house this summer.

Hair Switches

I would announce to the ladies of Comanche and vicinity, that I am prepared to make hair switches to order. Your patronage is solicited. Mrs. C.A. PRICE

The O’Dell Boys’ Trial

Last Thursday morning the case of the State vs. Mack and Jim O’DELL was called. A severance was granted and Jim O’DELL put on trial. The whole of Thursday was consumed in getting a jury, and on Friday the witnesses, some thirty-five or forty, were examined. As we go to press the attorneys are making their arguments. There is but little probability of a conviction. Mack O’DELL’s trial will probably begin Monday morning.


The young men of Comanche met Tuesday night and organized a social and literary club, the object thereof being mutual improvement sandwiched by a good deal of pleasure.

The officers are: R.T. HALL, president; C.L. DENTON, vice-president; J.D. CAMPBELL, secretary; J.B. GREEN, treasurer. They will meet again next Monday night to complete their organization.

Northcutt Acquitted

Wm. NORTHCUTT was tried for murder and acquitted in the district court this week. The murder charged was committed in September, 1872, the victim being Wm. POWELL, a cousin of NORTHCUTT. The weapon used was a rock thrown by NORTHCUTT at POWELL in a fit of madness. NORTHCUTT fled the country as soon as the killing took place and was not captured until last summer, when he came back to see his mother and relatives who reside in this county.


Mr. J.R. MOBLEY, jr. of Mt. Airy paid the Chief a visit this week and left an order for a good lot of job work.

Mrs. BEEMAN and Mr. BISHOP returned on Wednesday, Mrs. B. being unable to stand the trip of 300 miles by land.

Jno T. GREEN and J.M. McCRARY left yesterday for New Orleans. The former goes to witness the Mardi Gras festivities. The latter to interview Mr. DeLESSEPS upon the utility of railroad scrapers in the great canal project.

District Court

Civil Docket

McKAY vs. WALKER. Trespass to try title. Judgment for plaintiff for land and improvements.

H.B. ANDREWS vs. W.T. CARUTH. Trespass to try title. Dismissed at cost of plaintiff.

J.D. STEPHENS vs. August NASH et al. Note and lien. Judgment foreclosing vendors lien.

State vs. Geo. B. YATES, F.E. WILSON and J.A. WRIGHT. Nisi $800. Judgment made final.

State vs. E.D. FOSTER, A.C. BENNETT, J.F. WEAVER and J.W. WEAVER. Judgment nisi $500 made final for $300.

D. SWARTZ & Co. vs. A.G. RICE & Co. Attachment. Judgment by default and foreclosure of lien.

EVANS & MARTIN vs. A.G. RICE & Co. Attachment. Judgment by default and foreclosure of lien.

M.O. PAULK vs. W.R. PAULK. Divorce. Judgment for plaintiff.

Wm. GIBSON vs. R.H. SPINKS, et al. Note and lien. Dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.

State Docket

State vs. Wm. NORTHCUTT. Murder. Acquitted.

State vs. Bishop LOWRY. Assault with intent to murder. Acquitted.

State vs. Henry MERCER. Forgery. Nol pros.

State vs. J.A. CUNNINGHAM. Burglary. Dismissed.

State vs. Tom COOPER. Assault to murder. Mistrial.

State vs. Leander WAMBLE. Unlawfully using estray. Acquitted.

State vs. Thos BULLOCK. Aggravated assault. Fined $5 and cost.

State vs. Jas. HANSON. Gaming. Appeal dismissed.

State vs. G.D. POWELL. Malicious mischief. Dismissed.

State vs. Wm. FLANNIGAN. Theft of watch. Plead guilty. Ten days in county jail and fine $100.

State vs. Wm. ANNETT. Carrying pistol at social gathering. Plead guilty. Fined $50.

State vs. Mack and Jas. O’DELL. Murder. Deffendants severed, and Jas. O’DELL placed on trial.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.