The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 6 November 1880

Judge Hutchinson’s Defeat

Judge HUTCHISON has been defeated by a large majority, as returns from all over the district indicate. The cause of his defeat is plain; while he was busy holding court, his opponent, WHEELER, was riding over the district "still hunting," attending pic-nics and other meetings, and, being a gentleman of pleasing address and manners, made votes on his personal popularity and not on his legal ability, for it is conceded all over the district that Judge HUTCHISON is by far the ablest lawyer. But the people have spoken, and we bow to their will, hoping that Judge T.B. WHEELER may prove equal to the trust bestowed upon him, and wear the ermine of his office with an eye single to that ennobling principle, ""iat justitia, ruat caelum."

Judge HUTCHISON retires with the satisfaction of knowing that he has discharged the trust bestowed upon him with credit to himself and there remains not a blot upon his administration.

THE ELECTION A Solid North Democrats Defeated Worse than Waterloo. Garfield Elected Beyond a Doubt. Republican Gains Everywhere.

The election on Tuesday resulted in an overwhelming defeat for the national democracy. The republicans carried every northern state and probably some of the southern states. The Republicans make gains in the United States senate and house.

Local Matters

Mr. E.L. SHROPSHIRE has purchased the LUPTON property east of the square.

Mr. J.T. BURKS brought to our office, this week, a potato weighing over nine pounds. Who can beat it?

A Novel Photograph Gallery

W.A. TUCKER has his portable gallery drawn by two steers, perambulating the town taking views of residences this week.

Some Cotton Bolls

Mr. TODD sent to this office this week a specimen of his cotton, the "Storm-proof" as it is called. Eight bolls weighed a pound, and will average from five to six locks to the boll; however, the bolls were not opened out.


The genial and familiar face of Maj. John Y. RANKIN, of Brownwood, was seen upon our streets last Saturday. The major has many friends in Comanche, having been a resident several years ago.

Mr. John GAISER, brother of J.M. GAISER, has recently located in our town.

The County Election. How the County Went for State, District and County Officers

The morning opened bright on Tuesday and continued so all day. Very little excitement or interest was manifested except by the candidates and their friends, and the day passed off quietly. A comparatively full vote was polled, and a majority of the old county officers were re-elected. We have been unable to obtain a full return, there being four small boxes yet to hear from, but they will not materially change the result. Below we give the returns as far as received:

For District Judge: HUTCHISON......566; WHEELER.......629

For District Attorney: SEBASTIAN........345; BOWYER......488; COLEMAN......490

For County Judge: YARBROUGH.....153; GAISER.....380; WILLIAMSON....743

For County Clerk: BONNER....881; CUNNINGHAM.....322; WELLBORN......96

For County Treasurer: REDDEN...307; HAMILTON......770; RURKS.....233

For Sheriff: YATES....1127; TOLLIVER.....182

For Surveyor: HILL.....702; COOPER.....576

For Assessor: HARRIS....438; HUSTON....444; SWITZER....410

For Cattle and Hide Inspector: CARNES....126; CARTER.....159; MEADE.....166; WILLIAMS....144; CUNNINGHAM....856; LOGAN....208

M.W. CARROLL, candidate for district clerk, and W.O. HAMILTON, candidate for county attorney, had no opponents, and were, of course, elected.

In precinct, No. 1, R.H. CARR was elected justice of the peace, by a majority of 30. J.C. HUSE was elected constable by a majority of 45 over POWERS.

E.J. CARRINGTON was re-elected justice of the peace in the fifth precinct.

James TERRY was re-elected justice of the peace for precinct No. 4.

J.W. GREENE and W.P. FERGUSON were re-elected commissioners from commissioners precincts numbers 1 and 4.

We have received no direct returns from precinct No. 2, but the suppositiioon is that J.P. DINGLER is elected commissioner.

H.P. GARRETT was elected commissioner for precinct No. 3.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.