The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 3 July 1880



Mr. HIBARGER Shot Dead in his Field

On the 21st of last month Mr. John HIBARGER, while plowing in his field, was shot and killed by two unknown men. The killing was witnessed by several parties some distrance from the scene. The murderers were described as being, one a rather tall man with heavy whiskers and the other a beardless youth. The cause of the murder is unknown, as Mr. HIBARGER is reputed to have been a quiet, industrious man. The scene of the murder was on Resley’s creek.

Another Man Waylaid and Murdered

On the 22nd ult. a man named McKEY was reported missing from his home on Indian creek, in this county. He was at work in a field belonging to Mr. SMART, and left in the evening to go to his home. He had not been gone long when two reports of fire arms were heard in the direction he had gone, but nothing was thought of the matter until the next day when he had failed to return home. The neighbors hunted for him for several days and then gave the matter up, thinking he had left the country as he had been charged with neglecting his family. On Thursday last the body of a man was seen floating in the Leon river, about four or five miles from the place the killing was supposed to have taken place. A jury of inquest was immediately summoned and on the arrival at the place, it was found to be the missing man, McKEY. He had been shot through the body and his throat cut, almost severing the head from the body. His remains were carried home for interment.

Is a cyclone of murder and lawlessness about to sweep over our county, which has so long been a pattern of good order? At the last term of the court only six bills of indictment were found, but right upon the heels of this fair record comes the startling news of two dark murders in one week. Our officers are not idle, and we yet hope these mysteries will be cleared up.

Later. – A Horrible Rape Committed

Since the above was put in type, a terrible crime has been brought to light in connection with the McKEY murder. Mrs. McKEY made an affidavit before Justice SMITH that she was raped, several days previous to her husband’s murder, who was absent from home at the time, by two neighbors, "to the best of her knowledge and belief," named O’DELL and TATE. The young men were immediately arrested and brought to town by acting Deputy Sheriff CHILTON and posse, and lodged in jail, in default of bail, to await an examination Monday next. The arrested parties are farmer boys by profession and of highly respected parentage. The general supposition now is that McKEY was murdered by the ravishers of his wife in order to evade that dire vengeance which any husband would be sure to inflict upon the villians who would invade the sacred threshold of his wife’s chastity. McKEE’s body when found, was perforated by two bullets and his head was nearly severed. His teeth were knocked out, which may be indicative that the bullets failing to kill him, he was knocked down by a blow in the mouth and his throat cut. His remains were in a terrible state of decomposition when found. We await new developments.

Just So

Prof. SWITZER has gone to Comanche this week to wind up his affairs preparatory to a permanent residence in Granbury. We hope the Comanches will feel that their loss is our gain. - Granbury Vidette.

We do indeed, Bro. Garland. We see from the prospectus of the school that there was an attendance of 265 scholars last session. It does us good to learn of the Professor's success, for he is in every way worthy and well qualified. He is an educator of superior endowments--one who has made it a life-time profession, who has made proficiency his watchword and glories in the profession he has adopted.

Masonic Installation

The following officers of Hope Lodge No. 481 F.&A.M. were installed on the 24th ult: J.J. FRANKLIN, W.M.; R. HOLLAND, S.W.; B.F. WRIGHT, J.W.; R.D. REDDEN, Treasurer; Joe W. HILL, Serg.; G.A. BEEMAN, S.D.; R.T. HILL, ?.D.; J.E. STANCIL, Tiler; M.W. CARRELL and J.M. McCRARY, Stewards

Local News

The infant son of J.L. and Ella MOORE died and was buried on Wednesday last. The bereaved parents have our sympathy in their sad affliction.

Mrs. Maimie TUCKER departed Wednesday for Sedalia, Mo., where she will spend the summer with her sister, Mrs. SARTWELLE.

Dr. D.N. LEE, M.D. is moving his entire stock of drugs to Buffalo Gap. We commend him to the people of that thriving town as a live, energetic, reliable businessman, and wish him abundant success in his new home.

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