The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 19 February 1880


As will be seen by reference to the court proceedings, R.E. SMITH goes to the penitentiary for seven years. This indeed is a severe lesson to the young man, who less than three weeks ago was a free and well-thought of citizen. Young men, take warning, and when the evil spirit tempts you take that which is not your own, remember the sacred commandment, "Thou shalt not steal."


Mr. J.B. HALL is dangerously ill with fever.

Mr. B.A. TAYLOR and Miss Mollie LEE were married last week.

Mr. Joe L. BISHOP, of Williamsí Ranche, was in town this week.

Tom HAMILTON was on the streets this week handshaking with his many friends. He reports everything lovely at Eastland and business good.

Rev. W.D. SARTWELLE, of Waco, is here, visiting his parents. He is accompanied by his family.

Mr. W.H. CHANCELLOR, the affable host of the City Hotel, has gone to Panola county to attend court as a witness.

Tom CLOWER, formerly of this place, but now of Fort Worth, is in the city. He is representing that reliable paper the Fort Worth weekly Democrat.

Dr. TUCKER returned from Waco Sunday, bringing with him his two accomplished daughters, Misses Maud and Mary, who have been absent for some time from our little town.


The wife of Mr. Geo. HILL, one of our most esteemed citizens, died on the 1st inst., of consumption, after many monthís suffering. She was dearly loved by all, and Mr. HILL has our heart-felt sympathy.

We understand that Mr. Sam PERCIFIELD has sold his interest in the flouring mill at this place to Mr. YANTIS.

Squire CARRINGTON has gone to Waco to meet his wife, who has been visiting her father at that place.



The following cases have been tried and otherwise disposed of since our last issue:


T.L. NUGENT vs. W.S.J. ADAMS: Note and lien. Judgment for plaintiff.

M.E. THIGPIN vs. N.J. THIGPIN. Divorce. Judgment for defendant and divorce granted.

State of Texas vs. J.F. MONTGOMERY, James EARP, J.W. McDANIEL, Susan P. ROBERTS, P.G. CROSSLEY, H.W. SUBLETT, G.F.M. DAVIS, W.S. ANDERSON, Martin DUVALL, Norris FOSTER, J.E. WELCH, Wm. DAVIS and Oliver EDDINGTON. Suite for ejectment. Judgement by default and writ of inquiry; land forfeited.

T.L. HUTCHISON vs. Jas. BIGLEY. Debt. Dismissed at plaintiffís cost.

F.M. BROWN, et al. vs. W.R. and Samuel EDDINGTON. Trespass to try title. Judgment for plaintiff and foreclosure of vendorís lien.

George W. DICKERSON vs. J.A. HARRIS, et al. Debt and lien. Judgment by default and mortgage foreclosed.

P.J. WILLIS & Bro., vs. W.G. DUNCAN & Co. Attachment. Dismissed at cost of plaintiff.

Leon & H. BLUM vs. W.P. LANCASTER. Garnishment; N.R. LINDSEY garnishee. Judgment for $28, less cost of garnishee.

Magie M. CROWELL vs. Jno. M. CROWELL. Divorce. Judgment for plaintiff.

J.M. McDANIEL vs. LESSING, LYONS, SOLOMON & Co. Judgment for defendant for part of saw mill.

A.E. LOWRY vs. S.L. THORNTON, Judgment for plaintiff, forclosure of vendorís lien.


State vs. H.M. LONG, et al. Murder. Nol. pros.

State vs. E.D. DAVIS. Burglary and theft. Guilty and punishment fixed at two years in the penitentiary. Appealed.

State vs. James HAGAN. Burglary and theft. Bond forfeited and judgment Ni Si.

State vs. Wm. WEAVER. Unlawfully marking cattle. Acquitted.

State vs. Bernard McAFFEE. Moving stock from its accustomed range. Acquitted.

State vs. Webb ELDRIDGE. Assault and battery. Appeal from justice court. Dismissed.

State vs. Wm. PULK. Unlawful marriage. Guilty; penalty three years in the penitentiary.

State vs. G.W. TUCKER, G.C. DIAL, John TOLIVER, J.W. APPLEWHITE, J.T. FOSTER, and _ GIBSON. Failure to pay occupation tax. Dismissed.

State vs. Neil TYRA. Assault to murder. guilty of aggravated assault; fined $28 and cost.

State vs. J.D. BROCK. Theft. Plead guilty; penalty fixed at four years in the penitentiary.

State vs. R.E. SMITH. burglary and theft. Plead guilty in three cases, and juries fix penalty at two, three and two years, making seven in all. The district attorney dismissed the other charges against him.

State vs. Marion WATERS. Theft of horse. Guilty; penalty five years in the penitentiary. Appealed.

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