The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 13 May 1879

(NOTE: This should have read the 15th. The following Thursday is the 22nd.)


Brothers by Marriage and Foes for a Moment

A sad affray took place at the residence of a Mr. WALLER, who lives on Austin branch, about nine or ten miles north of town, on Wednesday last, in which Charles GREEN was killed by Tobe WALLER.

The facts, as near as we could ascertain, are in substance as follows: GREEN and WALLER were cultivating land in the same field and had in some way exchanged hoes. GREEN sent word to WALLER to bring his hoe home. WALLER, who lived a short distance away, mounted a mule and took the hoe to his father’s house, where GREEN resided, when some words were exchanged by them. GREEN struck WALLER with a hoe, whereupon a general fight ensued in which both struck several blows and each received severe wounds.

GREEN lived until Friday, when he died from his wounds. WALLER’s back and arms were severely badly bruised.

GREEN was WALLER’s brother-in-law, having married his only sister. Both combatants were citizens of good standing and well liked by their neighbors. The sad occurrence is much regretted by all acquainted with the parties.

Esquire TERRY held an inquest over the remains of the deceased, on Friday evening last and rendered a verdict that GREEN came to his death from a blow from WALLER.

WALLER gave himself up and had a preliminary trial on Monday. He was bound over in the sum of $---- to appear before the district court.


Mrs. STINNET died at her residence in the northern part of the county, on Sunday last.


The senior editor of the Chief has a nine-pound little chief at his house.


Dr. C. PAINE has bought Mr. SHELWORTH’s residence in the northern part of town.

Rev. J.M. GAISER preached an interesting sermon on "Intemperance," at the court-house, Sunday morning.

Tom HAMILTON has been quite ill for a week or two with pneumonia. He is slowly recovering, however, and will soon be all right again.

Deputy Sheriff YATES, accompanied by Messrs. G.A. CHILTON and John de ANE, departed for Austin, Wednesday last. They took the three counterfeiters who have been confined in our jail for some time with them.

Sheriff LONG brought over the Erath county prisoners last week, and confined them in our jail for safe keeping. Among them were old man HOLLOWAY and son, of the Dublin killing notoriety.

Hon. W.S. DELANEY, of Columbus, paid the Chief office a visit this week. He is at present a guest of his nephew, E.L. SHROPSHIRE, but, we understand, contemplates making Comanche his future home.

We were pleased to form the acquaintance of Drs. F.T. and C.F. PAYNE, formerly of Mississippi, who have recently settled in our town for the purpose of practicing medicine. We welcome you gentlemen, and wish you much prosperity in your new home.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.