The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 19 June 1879




Our citizens were aroused from their slumbers yesterday morning by a fusilade of small arms and an alarm of fire. The two-story frame building on the east side of the Square was seen to be burning. The hook and ladder boys were soon on the grounds with their machine and did gallant work. The building was too far gone to be saved, and they immediately devoted their attention to the neighboring buildings, the first of which was the small tailor shop adjoining J.D. STEPHENS’ law office. This they soon yanked out of the way with their hooks and every nerve was strained to save STEPHEN’s office, the two story rock building, which, after much hard work, the boys kept from the flames.

The building in which the fire originated, owned by F.E. WILSON was entirely consumed. The lower story was used as a paint shop, but everything of value was saved.

The fire originated in the upper story, which was unoccupied. Rumor says that certain parties had secreted themselves in the upper story for the purpose of playing poker, and, becoming involved in a row, they accidentally set fire to the building, while some say that the parties became involved in a row and the cry of "Murder" was heard, indicating foul play, and that the house was burned for the purpose of concealing crime, but this is considered "thin".

We cannot commend the fire boys too highly, and through their efforts a hundred times the cost of their truck was saved, yet some of our citizens who own property refuse to aid the company. Buy the boys some buckets, axes, lanterns and other appliances which they need and you will never regret it.

Before leaving the scene of the conflagration, three cheers for Mike ZERR, who was acting foreman, were given with a zeal.

Mr. J.D. STEPHENS requests us thank all who assisted in saving his property.


Mr. L.R. LUPTON is preparing to erect a neat dwelling house in town.

Mr. M.M. STONE exhibited a full-grown cotton boll at this office last week.

Mr. Samuel ZETTLEMOYER has returned from a trip through the northern portion of the state.

We are sorry to learn that Rev. W.A. SMITH intends leaving Comanche.

Squire CARRINGTON, of Sipe Springs, illuminated our town with the light of his countenance last week.

The sociable at Mr. BARNES’ residence, last Thursday night, was a most pleasant affair and a snug little sum was raised towards opening the graveyard. Mr. and Mrs. BARNES spared no pains in entertaining the large assemblage.

It has been announced in nearly every paper in the State that Judge FLEMING intended to change his residence and locate in Graham. The Judge denies it and says that he has given no cause for the rumor.

The cause for jealousy is now removed on our part. Comanche has pure coined silver in a well, and no doubt about it. Mr. BEEMAN’s little daughter, while playing nearby, recently dropped a four bit piece in a well. There is some talk of organizing a joint stock company for the purpose of sinking Friday MORRIS down in the well to recover it.

The Ladies’ Mite Society would tender their sincere thanks to the citizens of Comanche for their sociable at the residence of Mr. BARNES on June 6th; would also thank Mrs. BARNES for the liberality in furnishing cake bountiful for the supper.

We feel sure that, with like patronage in future that we have received in the past money sufficient will have been raised to finish the work. Mry E. YEARGIN, Sec.


Mr. SPINKS has traded his farm for the WOOD mill and gin and is now overhauling and repairing the machinery. He intends to gin all the cotton the adjacent country can produce, evincing a spirit of industry, pertinacity and honesty.

Mr. DRY is building an office in the hotel yard for the accomodation of drummers and travelers.

Mr. H. JOICE has teams on the road to Fort Worth for lumber to build a nice residence at his ranch.

No marriages since the hot weather set in.

©2004 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.