The Comanche Chief, Comanche, Texas, 7 August 1879


Mr. D.M. CLOWER, while on the way from Fort Worth home, last week, was attacked with a severe congestive chill. He is much better now, we are happy to announce.

Sheriff LONG, of Erath, took the ten Erath county prisoners, who have been confined in our jail for safe keeping, to Stephenville, Monday, where they will be tried this week.

D.K. SMITH has lost his ponies. One of them is branded a diamond "K" on the left shoulder and a Spanish brand on hip. The other one, he thinks, has S on shoulder and had one white foot. He will pay a liberal reward for their return to Comanche.

A letter from the superintendent of the lunatic asylum to Judge WILLIAMSON states that it is impossible for Mrs. BROWN, who was adjudged insane several weeks since, to gain admission into that institution at present, as every ward is crowded and there are several prior applications. Judge WILLIAMSON has exhausted all the means within his power to have this unfortunate woman taken to the asylum but has failed, and the county will still be burdened with the expense of keeping her.


Messrs. BARTLETT, GREEN, and KEY leave for Lampasas this week. Pleasant trip to you, gentlemen.

Mrs. I.B. LUPTON left last week for her old home in Virginia, where her husband is very ill.

Mesrs. F.M. McDERMOTT and F.A. DEATHRAGE have gone to Waco, where they will be tried for failing to deface the stamp on empty cigar boxes.

A halfgrown buffalo browsed around the square for an hour or so yesterday. He is as gentle as any of the more civilized cattle. John CARTER is his owner.

The Ladies Aid Society gave a pleasant little sociable at the residence of Mr. John T. YEARGIN, Tuesday night. It was much enjoyed by all who attended.

A shooting affray took place on Friday evening last at the bridge on the Leon crosing on the Stephenville road between Mr. George McKINZIE and three travelers—two brothers by the name of KING and a man by the name of GILBREATH, hailing from Wood county. One of the KINGs shot at McKINZIE with a double-barrel shotgun and McKINZIE returned the fire with a sixshooter, but, fortunately, no one was hurt. The difficulty grew out of a refusal to pay toll for a boy on a horse who was accompanying the travelers. Deputy Sheriff YATES and posse went in pursuit of the part and arrested two of them, GILBREATH and Robert KING. John KING, the party that did the shooting, made his escape.

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