The Comanche Weekly Chief, Comanche, Texas, 11 May 1876


On Friday last, Mr. William ANGEL and his son John, who had been brought in some days before charged with stealing and concealing some bells, were brought before his Honor, Judge FLEMING, upon a writ of habeas corpus. The State failed to show that John was capable of committing any crime, he being only ten years old, or connected him directly with taking the bells. John was therefore discharged. The evidence as to the ownership of one of the bells which was found in Wm. ANGEL’s possession was claimed by Mr. SANFORD, and charged to have been stolen by ANGEL, was conflicting. Judge FLEMING therefore bound him over to appear at the next term of the District Court, in a bond of one hundred dollars.

Our readers all perhaps remember Houston FAUGHT, the man who was brought here immediately after the recent bank robbery and was supposed to have been one of the men who performed that bold deed. As he could not be identified as one of the robbers, he was released from custody. The Deputy Sheriff of Jack County arrived here the day after his release with papers for his detention, but his bird had flown. We next hear of FAUGHT hanging to a limb on the banks of the Clear Fork of the Brazos, having been hung, says the Frontier Echo, by a vigilance committee which took him from the guard house at Ft. Griffin. According to that paper, horse thieves stole the horses so fast in Shackleford county that the citizens could not keep up the supply.


Precinct 1, Justice of the Peace

We neglected to mention in our last issue that Justice Milton BROWN assumed, on Monday week last, the duties of Justice of the Peace in Precinct No. 1. There were several cases on the docket which were commenced during Judge YARBOROUGH’s term, viz: G.W. TUCKER vs. Wm. STUART, continued by consent. Daniel BOONE vs. CAMPBELL and MIZELL, compromised, and judgement for cost against BOONE. J.W. MATCHETT vs. J.R. FLEMING, continued. J.T. TUNNELL vs. W.F. McGEE, continued. Mr. BROWN disposes of business before him with a degree of dignity and intelligence altogether superior to what is usually displayed by Justices of the Peace. He is a lawyer of most respectable acquirements, and we feel that the people of Precinct No. 1 have honored themselves by re-electing him as Justice.


Dr. M.S. CROW, of Stephenville called upon us yesterday morning. The Doctor was called to our town to hold a consultation with Dr. TUCKER in the case of Capt. J.M. HOLMSLY’s little boy who has been dangerously ill for several days.


Mr. Sam DIAL has purchased a thresher, Mr. Isaac DIAL a sorghum mill, and Messrs. SUMNER and PRICE a reaper. Three conveniences very much needed by our farmers.

We are glad to see in our midst again Charley HALEY and Jimmy PRICE. They have been as far east as Freestone county.

Though not present at the party at Mr. DIAL’s, we are nevertheless pleased to hear from our young friends, who were there, that they enjoyed the music and dancing.

The pic-nic, on the 2nd of May, given by the citizens in and around Whittville, was decidedly a success. There were but few persons from a distance. Among them were Mrs. PHIFER, of Brownwood, Messrs. SHROPSHIRE, DICKSON and CHILDRESS of Comanche. The young people enjoyed themselves very much, and the older ones seemed highly satisfied. The dinner, spread under the oaks, was abundant, and the meat, barbecued by our friends Messrs. DIAL and KELLEY was cooked in the best of style. The day will long be remembered by us all, and we hope this may not be our last, for such gatherings do much good in creating an exchange of thoughts and kindnesses; and is also the means of becoming better acquainted with each other.


160 acres, 10 under cultivation, good box house, well of water, six miles from Comanche, same now occupied by Jno. ROCH, Esq., at a bargain. J.S. VEDDER


Taken up by J.M. HIGGENBOTHEM and estrayed before Milton BROWN Esq. J., P., Precinct No. 1, Comanche County, April 27, 1876, a dun colored horse black mane and tail six or seven years old, branded on neck 68 and on each hip 85, appraised at $30. J.D. BONNER, Cl’k. Co. C’rt Comanche Co.

Taken up by T.R. BOWEN, and estrayed before Milton BROWN, Esq., J.P., Precinct No. 1, Comanche county, April 22nd, 1876, a light bay horse, black mane and tail, snip on the nose, 8 or 9 years old, branded X on the thigh, about thirteen hands high, and appraised at $15.00

Taken up by C.C. McCARDY and estrayed before N. YARBROUGH, J.P., Precinct No. 1, Comanche County, April 18, 1876, a brown horse, about 12 years old, not branded, collar marks on right shoulder. Valued at $25.

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