Help Viewing 1940 Census Images

 for Comanche County


Read "Instructions for viewing1940 census pages"

     Then go to

     Or Click "View the Images" below.


Instructions for viewing 1940 census pages:

  • Click “Get Started”

  • Click “:Start Your Search”

  • Select the State: Texas

  • And the County: Comanche

  • Click Search

  • Choose the ED (Enumeration District) you want

  • When the census page comes up, use your mouse to click and drag the page up or down & right or left

  • Options at the top of the page allow you to page through the list or jump to a certain page and to download the image for saving or printing

  • From an image page, click the “x” on the search page at the top to close the search results


  • Names appear in the same order on the spreadsheets and on the census images. Therefore names on page 8 of the spreadsheet will usually fall on a similarly numbered image page.

  • To "jump" from one image to another, change the number in the image box at the top and press the Enter key.

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