1940 US Census


Comanche County, Texas



David Strickland, Historian and long-time friend of Comanche Public Library, has transcribed the 1940 Census for Comanche County. He has graciously given permission for the library to publish his work on our web page for the benefit of genealogy and local history researchers.

Spreadsheets Copyright 2012 by David Strickland.

Permission granted for personal use. Commercial use prohibited.

May not be posted online or published in any format without permission.


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ED 47-1a Comanche (Pt 1)

Index ED 47-1a



ED 47-1b Comanche (Pt 2)

Index ED 47-1b



ED 47-2 Sidney Area

Index ED 47-2



ED 47-3 Mercers Gap Area

Index ED 47-3



ED 47-4 Newburg Area

Index ED 47-4




ED 47-5 Hasse Area  


Index ED 47-5



ED 47-6 Gustine

Index 47-6



ED 47-7 Creamer

Index ED 47-7



ED 47-8 Hazeldell Area

Index ED 47-8



ED 47-9 Lamkin Area

Index ED 47-9



ED 47-10 Proctor Area

Index ED 47-10



ED 47-11a DeLeon (Pt 1)

Index ED 47-11a



ED 47-11b DeLeon (Pt 2)

Index ED 47-11b



ED 47-12 NE Comanche Co

Index ED 47-12



ED 47-13 Oakland Area

Index ED 47-13



ED 47-14 Beattie Area

Index ED 47-14



ED 47-15 Ebenezer Area

Index ED 47-15



ED 47-16 Sipe Springs Area

Index ED 47-16



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